Undecided--- Taking Lessons On Photography This Coming Summer

16 November 2009

As we all know that I am bound to create a portrait studio. One of my main concerns before doing this is to be able to understand the concepts behind this field and the must-haves on setting up a studio. During the recent International Book Fair held at the SM Convention Center, my dad was able to talk to an old friend (now, a professional photographer). Of course, they talked about the old times. My dad shared with him that I was interested with what he does. So, the prof photographer suggested that I take lessons in a famous school for aspiring photographers in Intramuros Manila ( which I've heard from some friends too). I really wanted to enroll, but I was thinking that it might be expensive. What did you know, its very affordable. It will take sessions on various fields on photography to get certified.

Certified, meaning, you can now "at least" have the right to have your own studio, work for and with a group of professionals. I cannot say as a "professional photographer" because I understand that there are levels to work your way up to become a "true professional".

Nothing can be safer by getting certified first before working on projects. I'm out to make a big investment to equip myself with the proper tools. Proper knowledge should go with it too.

Since I am fully not available this year (with my son going to school) I'm praying that when summer comes, hopefully, my schedule is going to be more flexible. Enrolling in this program is my Dad's recommendation, I want it too. Then he will help me with the rest. It's a very easy thing to finish, especially for a person who really wants to learn. It's the availability of time that makes it complicated.


joy said...

i really hope you'll have the time to enroll in the photography class this summer.

Chris said...

hope your plan pushes through!

by the way, if you dont mind, can you tell me how much does it cost?

taking a photography class is in my list someday :D

onlinemommy said...

Go!Go!Go! Mommy Ench! You are now a good photographer but you can still improve your skills if you enroll on summer photography lessons! Can't wait to see your projects coming :)

have a blessed day!