More Of My Warm Appreciation

29 September 2009

Hello guys! As I was reading your comments and messages of concern for my family, it captured my heart. I do want to visit your sites and personally send my thanks to all. I know that what happened to my family was just a minor thing compared to the rest who really suffered. In the end, I do realized that me and my family are still badly affected by the tragedy.

We don't have any water up to now and so is my family in the Rizal province. I mean, I would rather have water than electricity or both. Everything is useless without H2o.

But no worries, we were blessed by my husband's boss who gave us water. Today, Manila Waters (MWSS) delivered in our subdivision in Taytay. Thank God for this blessing.Graphics

As I watched the aftermath on TV, I felt a certain emptiness inside. Same with my other half. It was a heart- breaking scene. Most of my husband's co-workers lost their homes. I heard stories of heroism which made us hopeful. Now is our time to lend a helping hand.

To end this, THANK YOU once again for the thought, concern and prayers.GraphicsNot just for me and my family, but for the rest of our citizens.


Now I Pray...

28 September 2009

As what I have mentioned in my pixel bug weekend entry, I wasn't able to find a spot or even a few seconds to pray when tragedy happened. I was totally in shock with the whole scenario. As I sent my warm words of thanks to my blogger friends from around the world for their messages of concern... These words popped on my mind. Now I pray...

I pray that we will be able to overcome this tragedy soon.

I pray that with this experience, we already learned our lesson. Mother nature has been trying to make a point ever since. We were too insensitive to even look back at the damages we made, big or small. Let us not wait for another typhoon or catastrophe to awaken us.

I pray that the homeless will be able to find courage and strength to move on.

I pray that the sick, helpless, the women and children will find comfort soon.

I pray that the men, the protector of each family will also have the strength and good guidance in leading their families for a brighter day.

Thank you for those who offered prayers...
Thank you for those who gave moral support...
Thank you for those who donated food, water, clothing, and offered shelter.
Thank you for the brave men who didn't stop with the search and rescue...
Thank you that the typhoon went out as fast as it came in...
Thank you that we are still alive and able...

Life doesn't end here. It may be hard to start all over again. But HE just gave us another chance to make things right. Lets make the most out of it...

Pixel Bug Weekend--- In Time Of Crisis

27 September 2009


Let me rest for a bit with a quick post. This weekend had been pretty hard for everybody from all points of society. This past 3 days has been the most difficult for me and my husband. Of course compared to what happened to rest of our brothers and sisters from Marikina and Rizal, you may think ours is just nothing. Yes, we are very thankful and grateful that we survived, we stayed dry and we were able to eat something.

Our weekend started with high fever and stomach ache hitting my son. It was terrible for us not having any clue on what might have gotten Franky. Due heavy rains, Thursday, the pedia clinic was closed. We had to wait for Friday and prayed that it was open. We spent the whole day in the laboratory waiting for my son's results. Between waiting and anticipating, I had frequent visits to the public bathroom to accompany my son. Before hand, we were already having some car trouble. The car battery died on us. Not to forget the heavy rains. These are times of trials and tests of patience. Teaching us to be flexible and to be resourceful.

This may be the toughest we have ever been through in our 5 years staying in Quezon City. As our son got better from the meds his pedia gave him. Saturday morning, we were awakened by a call that the wall in our condo basement paved way with water rushing in from a nearby creek. Turning over cars parked under. Our car got a little lucky because we were parked in front of the building. But sad to say, that luckyness was just for a few minutes. Within seconds, the water from the basement came out rushing filling our street. This is the first time in Cubao history that this happened. Particularly in our area.

Our car which we already had working Friday night, finally said goodbye to us Saturday morning. I nearly cried, because that transport is like family to us. First, it was from my late father-in-law. Second, we poured so much time and money on maintaining something of value by heart and by thought. It brought us to anywhere we wanted to, anytime of the day and night. We still have it. But if we talk about repair from inside- out, it will probably cost as much as setting a down payment for a new car. The water went up to the windshield part by the way.
My parents were comforting us through text. Well, thank God that we are okay. The water reached up to the first floor of the building. Again, we are thankful it stopped raining by night fall. I couldn't imagine if it didn't. Did I pray? to be honest, No, I didn't even think about it. My mind was totally blank with "I can't believe that this is happening, this is crazy!" Thinking what to do next if the water will reach our floor. This is me being realistic and being honest. I was out of our unit with my family looking at the flood from the second floor window with the rest of the tenants. Aside from watching cars get washed up , I was also checking on my family in Taytay. They are safe and dry, but the roads are not passable from all directions. Phone lines are out. Until now, they don't have any water. Same with us ,we have no water supply.

At this time, there's nothing else to think about, but to help others and to be THANKFUL that we are still alive. Regardless of the material loss. Everything can be worked out again.

Laundry Bag for Christmas Anyone

26 September 2009

This has got to be the cutest laundry bags I have ever seen.

Just recently, my mom was complaining to me about my other siblings accomplishing their own laundry. I suggested to her to give each their own laundry bags and do their own laundry.
I told her to buy the cute ones like a personalized kids backpacks. That way, they will have the urge to exert effort on being responsible with that particular chore. I mean, if we see something pleasing to the eyes, we really make the most out of it. It adds excitement and fun. Not to forget, this can also be a good Christmas present, or a keepsake for a visiting friend. Like a bunch of them!

And speaking of cute bags, check outstephen joseph quilted backpack.
The cuteness is just out of this world. I want one! Really I love bags like these. I lived with this kind when I was in college. And I'm sure my son will dig it too.

Awards For True Friendship and a Tag

23 September 2009

Niko of Girls Rule!
Clarissa of Kizuna
Green: symbolizes the new buddies
Yellow: represents the guys who are always active
: symbolized with PR blogger buddies highPlatform
: symbolizes that we are all equal, junior or senior is summarized in one place, with the same blood red, and we are brothers.

Clarissa of Kizuna and Mommy Jac of Mom’s Special Diary

Lastly, a Relationship Tag from Online Mommy's Corner:

What are your middle names? HIM-T ME-L
How long have you been together? 9 years! (4 years of dating, 5 years under the bonds of marriage)
How long did you know each other before you started dating? 6 months
Who asked whom out? He asked me to go on a movie date.
How old are each of you? HIM-31 ME-30

Whose siblings do you see the most? MINE because his brother and sister are both in America
Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
Our son getting sick or looking troubled.
Did you go to the same school? NOPE
Are you from the same home town? NOPE
Who is smarter? I gotta say, HIM. I learned a lot from him since we started living together.
Who is the most sensitive? ME

Where do you eat out most as a couple? Trattoria Uno or Bellinis
Who has the craziest exes? HIM, one is willing to buy him a car. Can you imagine that!
Who has the worst temper? ME
Who does the cooking? ME. But when I'm sick or he feels like cooking, I consider him as our chef for the day.
Who is the neat-freak? ME. I'm so oc-oc about this.
Who is more stubborn? Still ME.
Who hogs the bed? FRANKY and HIM

Who wakes up earlier? ME.
Who is more jealous? There's nothing to be jealous about.
How long did it take to get serious? The moment we started dating.
Who eats more? Both of us.
Who does the laundry? ME, he does the fabric softener thing sometimes.
Who’s better with the computer? HIM. A computer genius.
Who drives when you are together? HIM.

Thank you so much guys for being thoughtful! and for the tag OnlineMommy!!!

Just The Two Of Us...

22 September 2009

It's our moment for some Us Time...

A few beers, some real Filipino finger food and a good conversation... we're good!

My husband and I would always spend time together this way. Its like taking a big break from a week of work. Besides this is more fun than going out head for a bar. As a matter of fact, we're both done with that (the bar thing). We need to be more practical now.
Part of our Us Time would always be playing some computer games. Over the weekend, we've been occupied with Company of Heroes gold edition. Him using his Laptop, me using our PC.

Aside from enjoying a game, we would talk about family, long time friends old memories and future plans. We also like telling jokes to each other (both corny and funny)... This way, I feel that our relationship and bond will be tighter. Believe me, for every conversation we have, I keep on discovering new things about my other half... It's very nice... I love it! I love him!

Pixel Bug Weekend #1 We Celebrated The Whole Day

If there's something to look forward to every Monday, that is a Pixel Bug Weekend entry. As Mommy Salen launched her new meme for her new blog and together in celebration of her birthday, let us join her journey in sharing our weekend photos.

Our weekend was all about my son's birthday. We started Saturday, bought groceries for our small celebration and gifts. I wasn't really going for a party---PARTY! Early last week, as I was sending our invites to some friends and relatives, we found out that most are not available. We proceeded with the plan, but with less food and party goodies.

Spongebob it is for Franky's birthday this year.

After lunch, we rested, spent time with the magic sing, and headed to the Mall of Asia for the Manila International Bookfair. We have been attending this event since it started. My Dad is a member. By the way, its best to go on the last day, because sellers sometimes gives bigger discounts. I was able to buy a Michael Jackson Memorabilia for Php500, hardbound and its a 1 1/2 thick reading.(post to follow)
Proud as the affair celebrated its 30th year of sharing fun readings (old, hard -to -find and new), informative and various types for all ages.

Every year the Manila International Bookfair will always be an exciting stop for the family. My mom feasted on various cookbooks and home and living books. Then the whole family had dinner at David's Tea House---Franky's birthday celebration still.
Smiley Face

2sets for every dish
and more!
It was a good celebration! Like really good...
To end the night, took some shots at the rooftop with my sister.

This year's celebration was filled with fun memories.

To share your pixel weekend with us---join at Pixel Bug Weekend

A Fruitful 5th For Franky

21 September 2009

First of all, I would like to greet again my son Franky a glappy, glappy birthday! He had a good celebration with the whole family over the weekend. It was simple yet, blessed with so much fun. We were planning to celebrate it with his classmates in school. But the birth date landed on a Sunday. Plus, Monday is a holiday.

Saturday, we went out to buy his presents. This year, we wanted something artistic that will enhance his creativity. We noticed that he is not into regular toys anymore. He likes drawing, coloring and creating stuff.
And so to add a little color, we went with a Spongebob theme this year.

Prepared party food! Meaty spaghetti, hotdog on stick with marshmallows, Yoohoo barbecue, added some Ham and Cheese Calzone from Yellow cab for the adults.
Birthday Cake: Cookies and Cream c/o Red Ribbon (from the gc they raffled)
I pondered on a lot of things when my son turned 5. The 3 of us are all moving further. We are more knowledgeable about life, we will love and treasure the gift of family, a stronger relationship within and to others, and to establish a strong foundation as parents (now that our son is maturing). For the past 5 years, CHANGE has been part of it. On a personal note, I am very happy that we embraced it. Although we had a lot to sacrifice...lets just put it this way---if there's no pain, there is no gain. There should be something to be given up in order to make room for a more compatible essential for life and family.
We thank God for a fruitful 5 for Franky. He is now a boy with clear interests and hobbies. A boy filled with innocent thoughts, a boy whom we know, will love his family more than anyone, anything else.

Mommy Moments--- Treasured Pictures and Happy TGIF!

18 September 2009

mommy moments

Every treasured picture that I have will always be of my boys. Not with me, just them, taken by yours truly...
This picture of Franky melts my heart all the time... It was really a blessing and a gift that Ms. Carlota saw the beauty of this picture.
My inspiration, my best friend, my partner...I took this photo just recently in one of our family dinners. My husband is not a picture guy or a camera person. He's not into solo shots. But he gave me a good smile that night. It was a perfect shot for me.
Lastly, a Slinky shot taken by my husband. It was a creative idea. His imagination working. Like I said, he seldom holds the camera, but when he does, something different is presented.
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With this post I will be sharing the top things I am very thankful for throughout the week. This meme was originally posted by Willa of A Life That Is Less Ordinary. I think it is wise thing to share. Really, at the end of the week, I always shout out Thank God Its Friday!!! But I never look back on the things that made my week great. So thanks Willa.

- I am very thankful for franky' s productive week in school
- For the Stars that he got
- For giving me a ride with an honest Manong (Tricycle driver) ---for giving me back my change. Sometimes they don't and I don't want to argue.
- That I was able to spend time with friends from America.
- I was able to do my laundry on time.
- I was able to fix the hole under our cabinet.
- That I finally joined an event for bloggers. Red Ribbon Cake Launch.
- Met new friends. Mommy Salen, me and Mommy Peachy. (Another post from the event to follow).
- I won a Php600 GC from Red Ribbon. So Yehey! we have cake for Franky!
- Enjoying my Friday with the family. Preparing for Franky's 5th birthday!


Let There Be White

17 September 2009

It has been a regular for the family to buy Red Ribbon cakes. The thing I love about their cakes are the distinct flavors they give.
Red Ribbon Has Always Been Part of Our Family...
Something WHITE was officially launched today. I am very proud to become part of this event. White chocolate, white chiffon, and luscious long- stemmed maraschino cherries. Combined that it will surely give delight on your first bite.
Introducing, Red Ribbon's New White Forest Cake!!!
Regular (P560), Junior (P335)
Visit any Red Ribbon Branch or call 8-77-77 and have it delivered!

This new yummy goodness was greatly influenced by Red Ribbon's Black Forest cake. Black Forest has been one of Red Ribbon's signature cake. It captures our hearts all the time. With this, Red Ribbon launched the very first White Forest cake in the Philippines.
It is made with creamy white chocolate and light, moist chiffon cake layered with real cherry bits and a fusion of white chocolate flakes.
I love it! The chiffon was very soft, not too sweet that you will appreciate the twist of the cherry filling will give. The long- stemmed Maraschino cherries on top made it more inviting and tempting. I just can't wait to have more of this new sensation.

Aside from this White mouth watering news, Red Ribbon has a new set of pastries and dishes to enjoy.
My son fell in love with their Ube Mamon first time he tried it.
Spaghetti with Meatballs
This is the best Spaghetti with Meatballs I have ever tasted. It's so gourmet. The meatballs were made out of 100% beef. Everything looks fresh and natural with this dish.
For a hearty morning, this is perfect. Grilled Ensaimada, scrambled eggs, served with the new Farmer's Ham made of tender lean meat with maple syrup.
Garlic and Chicken Mushroom
My favorite. There's just something about the flavor that I can't explain and distinguish. So good, it makes me want to eat some more.

Thank God for Red Ribbon! It's the ideal dining place for the family. Not to forget, the love and treasure they give for every occasion we celebrate, for every moment we spend with our families.

post updated: with my family's red ribbon cake collection photos.