A Fruitful 5th For Franky

21 September 2009

First of all, I would like to greet again my son Franky a glappy, glappy birthday! He had a good celebration with the whole family over the weekend. It was simple yet, blessed with so much fun. We were planning to celebrate it with his classmates in school. But the birth date landed on a Sunday. Plus, Monday is a holiday.

Saturday, we went out to buy his presents. This year, we wanted something artistic that will enhance his creativity. We noticed that he is not into regular toys anymore. He likes drawing, coloring and creating stuff.
And so to add a little color, we went with a Spongebob theme this year.

Prepared party food! Meaty spaghetti, hotdog on stick with marshmallows, Yoohoo barbecue, added some Ham and Cheese Calzone from Yellow cab for the adults.
Birthday Cake: Cookies and Cream c/o Red Ribbon (from the gc they raffled)
I pondered on a lot of things when my son turned 5. The 3 of us are all moving further. We are more knowledgeable about life, we will love and treasure the gift of family, a stronger relationship within and to others, and to establish a strong foundation as parents (now that our son is maturing). For the past 5 years, CHANGE has been part of it. On a personal note, I am very happy that we embraced it. Although we had a lot to sacrifice...lets just put it this way---if there's no pain, there is no gain. There should be something to be given up in order to make room for a more compatible essential for life and family.
We thank God for a fruitful 5 for Franky. He is now a boy with clear interests and hobbies. A boy filled with innocent thoughts, a boy whom we know, will love his family more than anyone, anything else.


Willa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to your (not-so-little) Boy!!!
I like the way you celebrate his birthday, simple but yet fun and memory filled, instead of giving him a grand party which most of the time you can't enjoy bec you have to entertain all the guest and have to look after everyone.I bet all of you had so much fun especially of course the celebrant itself!
Happy Birthday once again to Frankie!!!

kikamz said...

a very happy birthday to Franky. i love it that you celebrate his birthday in a simple and intimate way, in the company of immediate and close family members.

and i am happy for franky because he has found something that interests him... it is good ench that you support him in in his interest. nurture it and franky will forever be thankful when he grows up and looks back.

God bless the entire family!

p.s. this post has inspired me yet again. reading about your transformation humbles me ench. hugs!

Bambie dear ★ said...

not too late to greet your unico hijo a Happy Birthday =) Looks like you all had fun kahit na simple ang handaan. Im planning the same sa upcoming bday ni Anzu.. Ang laki na ni Frankie no, so many many things still ahead for him. I wish him good health.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Happy 5th birthday Franky! God bless you more with good health and energy, as well as intelligence! ;-)

Lulu said...

hapi birthday!!!! yeahhh sarap ng hotdogs and marshmallow!!!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Happy Birthday,Frankie!You know what, someone gave my daughter that young artist set on her first birthday!Di ko pa pinalalaro sa kanya kasi di pa nya ma-aappreciate.

I see you all had fun on the spongebob party..

Chris said...

happy birthday Franky!

after reading your post, i am getting teary eyed... maybe because I know that in the past 5 years, change has definitely been part of it all... i cant believe that i have a 5 year old now too... even though I am a SAHM, I still feel that time is passing by too fast!

Jes said...

nice party!
" HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANKY!!!! You are so blessed you had a mom like Momma Enchie =)"

ang ganda ng ballloons and hats where did you get that? Im planning one for my son's 3rd bday sa school =) where did you find such balloons ench? and hats? share mo akin ha =) thnks!