Laundry Bag for Christmas Anyone

26 September 2009

This has got to be the cutest laundry bags I have ever seen.

Just recently, my mom was complaining to me about my other siblings accomplishing their own laundry. I suggested to her to give each their own laundry bags and do their own laundry.
I told her to buy the cute ones like a personalized kids backpacks. That way, they will have the urge to exert effort on being responsible with that particular chore. I mean, if we see something pleasing to the eyes, we really make the most out of it. It adds excitement and fun. Not to forget, this can also be a good Christmas present, or a keepsake for a visiting friend. Like a bunch of them!

And speaking of cute bags, check outstephen joseph quilted backpack.
The cuteness is just out of this world. I want one! Really I love bags like these. I lived with this kind when I was in college. And I'm sure my son will dig it too.


kikamz said...

oh, they are really cute! i love the laundry bag to ench. and the quilted back pack is also cute! i used something like this when i was in college too!

btw, thanks for the well wishes. sam is feeling better now. but i am the one who is sick. :(

PromotionalBags said...

I love the backpack one! How big is that though? It looks a little small.

I was just writing a blog about laundry bags with handles ( and I was so excited because I've never seen these before!

I'm always the girl dragging a no-straps bag down the street (in NYC nonetheless)