Year-End Family Bowling

04 January 2014

After Christmas, our family decided to go bowling as bonding time instead of going out of town. We all met up at Paeng's Bowl at the Eastwood Citywalk after lunch and on with our fun family event. It was my parents' first time to join us. It all started with just me and my siblings. Thought it's a good way to try something new as bonding time. Then we sent an invite to our dear mom& dad to watch us play and that their presence was highly appreciated. Well, it's making the family complete with them around even if they don't play.
But it turned out to be more fun. The moment my parents arrived they instantly grabbed a pair of bowling shoes asked for assistance in setting up a lane and they started even if some of us were still on the way.
Aside from traveling , it's nice to see both mom & dad unwind this way. Most of the time, especially couples their age, they settle to stay at home, grab a cuppa or chat with their amigos and amigas. Life turned out to be different for us. As our parents grow old, they're more open into trying things they weren't able to enjoy when they were looking after our family. After a game or two, my parents went ahead for a Christmas party in our old village. But they left us with some refreshments from Magoo's Pizza.
Times like this is very important to us. We can also find joy and memorable moments even thru the simplest things like playing a fun game. And so, our Family Bowling continues... looking forward to our next, our first for 2014!

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