My Sisters Are My Best Friends

18 January 2014

I've dedicated an entire post for my siblings, but I've never created anything for 2 of my best buddies, my SISTERS. I grew up with my sisters and my 2 brothers in a closely- knit family. When we had none, we have one another to keep each other company. As as time goes by, age, lifestyle changed, our relationship bloomed even more. We grew closer.
I tell my sisters everything. Aside from my mom, my sisters are the trusted individuals whom I share my life's stories with. No matter how busy, now that we don't live under the same roof anymore, they're still there ready to listen to me. When I say "listen to my stories" I'm not talking about problems and all sorts of trials, just stories of events I encounter in the world I'm in, which is obviously, different from where my 2 little sisters are right now. A decade ago, they were just little girls, like literally. Thought that there will never come a time, when we get to bond as friends because of the age gap. But even if time flies so fast, we were able to keep up with each other. Now these 2 girls are not only sisters to me, but they're also my best friends.

We share a lot. From girly things such as fashion, peers, cooking, we joke around as well, we  talk about our parents. We go out have lunch or dinner, shopping with our mom. We have our nails done together. We give friendly advices to each other. Family bowling started with the 3 of us.
In times when I feel like I want to unwind or take a break from my usual routine, I call them, we plan something. Since we're sisters, we practically grew up in the very same simple environment which doesn't require to have an expensive form of bonding time. We're happy to stay at home, cook something and talk about life and with our dad sneaking up on us  ;D

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