Snippets From Our Christmas Celebration 2013

04 January 2014

Hello friends, it's been a long time since I posted something. This year's Holiday Season was a bit of a challenge for me personally. A week before Christmas, my 2 little boys got sick and I followed. The only week when I can prepare for the Holidays in terms of giveaways, final gifts to be wrapped and preparing our home for Christmas Day went pretty bad. The last 3 months of 2013 has been filled with sacrifices. But it didn't stop me and my family from pushing for a memorable year still.

December 20 was the busiest day for me. Even if sick, I prepared 2 boxes of Choco Christmas Cuppies for my son's Christmas party in school. That same day, I also made 20 sets of Chocolate Crinkles as giveaways to our friends.
When the Holiday week started, it was a boost for me to start moving again even if I still feel a bit dazed and dehydrated.

Our menu went around the ff:

Pork BBQ
Macaroni Salad and 
Fruit Salad
I wasn't able to prepare as much food like in the past years, but when I got to taste of what I cooked, it made me feel that it was indeed Christmas making it my first decent meal after 5 days of not being able to eat well.
 Before hearing mass, I also prepared 20 sets of meals with drinks and dessert given to the less fortunate on Christmas Eve. It has been a ritual of our family to go around nearby barangays giving out food on Christmas. As much as I don't want to share it, I know I have to because even if sick, it made me feel better. Just looking at the happy faces of the families enjoying their food, it's something to be treasured. It's not about self-fulfillment, it's for the simple reason that we want to share the blessings my family was graced with, no matter how big or small.

And of course, Christmas is not going to be complete without gifts to be given and to be received. These are just some gifts we got and I would like to thank every thoughtful heart who also shared their blessings to us.
For sometime, my parents stopped putting up a tree on Christmas and replaced it with a Nativity set.
It's true that the whole essence why we celebrate Christmas is because Christ our Savior was born on this day.
Eventually, after having a new house, the Christmas tree's back as the highlight among the Christmas decors. It's fresh, so the scent of  pine makes it therapeutic as well. On Christmas day, we went to my hometown to celebrate Christmas with my parents and siblings. We all wore red and had a picture beside the 8ft. Douglas Fir Tree.
It may be too late to greet everyone "Happy Holidays!" I pray long-term, that in the coming years, it will just keep on getting better and positively fruitful for everyone!

Cheers from the Xtraordinarymom--- Enchie

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