Reflection: First Sunday of the Year 2014

06 January 2014

This entry was inspired by the homily from the Eucharistic Celebration first Sunday of the year 2014.
Gospel: Mt 2:1–12 Epiphany of the Lord

The reflection from last Sunday's sermon was very timely. As most have already set their New Year's Resolutions, each year that passed from the time we were born, it has been filled with surprises and challenges. Good, bad, big, small, new or even some old memories brought back into our lives--- It's the flow of life, nothing new. The only difference it can give is the manner, how these things are presented to us and most of the time,  that becomes our basis if it's going to be difficult or easy to handle.

I wanna share my view as I also set my goals for the years to come. I've let go of setting expectations since I got married. Yes, it was hard at first because I needed clarity with the new beginning I was about to face at that time. I didn't really know what's going to happen to me as an individual, will I be able to give what's best for my family? do I have the right skills to become a good mother and a caring wife? It's human instincts, but it doesn't mean that I'm not capable of making these things happen.

I surrendered everything to faith, fate, patience and love. These characteristics strengthened my over- all Being to meet the right answers to the questions that once bugged me when I started a family. For every new year, I welcomed whatever life's going to shower me, as I also prepare to what life's going to throw at me.
There will always be adjustments in order to achieve a goal, a plan, a wish or whatever it is to each of us. Tackle all with great positivity.

Life, is what I/ you/ we make it. Don't set expectations. Acceptance and hard work are both essential in this journey. Whatever you wish for, make it happen. But always remember, nothing's going to be achieved if we're to rush things, be greedy and selfish. Give room for growth and learning as well.

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