Opening Our Doors To The Spirit of Christmas

28 November 2013

Even if the country's under a tremendous trial, opening ourselves to the spirit of Christmas will help ease out the pain and sadness. Christmas is also time to give and to share. Not necessarily material, but to contribute by showing support, uplifting the spirits, moral and sharing words of encouragement to those who are deeply scarred.

The Holiday Season is the most celebrated every year simply because everyone is happy. Even if one did not receive any gift, you'll still find that person smiling...

I look forward to Christmas decorating because it gives our home a jolly feeling. Same feeling my family wants to share with everybody.
This year, I helped my mom decorate our house in my hometown, particularly the main door. My mom started by surrounding the main entrance of the house with some Christmas garlands. Then I took over. I want it simple and well- lighted. I used some old decorations from last year which is a combination of  dove birds, silver and gold Christmas balls and ribbons. It may look that parts of the garlands don't have light, it's because I used blinkers/ animated Christmas lights. A wreath made of Lavander added color and a homey effect.
After decorating the front door, my sister took- in the Douglas Fir Tree from last year. The fresh pine scent from the tree is still there. We haven't really thought of anything for the old tree. We only have lights but it  gave us a Xmassy effect. For the moment, we used it to make room for the next Douglas Fir tree that will arrive mid- December... can't wait.

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