Bangon Pilipinas!

28 November 2013

 Maybe some of you noticed the image at the right sidebar of this blog. Photo taken by my husband as his team was preparing to leave Mactan, Cebu for a relief and medical mission in Leyte. Among the pictures taken from his trip, this is one of the most moving and symbolic. In line with the C-130 Cargo Planes from the Philippines and other countries, the Philippine flag stood highly. There is hope, a new Philippines will rise and the world is going to witness it.
After the typhoon, a lot of rainbows from different parts of the Visayas region were seen. I had my fair share of this grace that came from Above... This rainbow and sunshine I saw from my window gave me assurance that my husband was safe helping those in need...
We Filipinos are high-spirited. We may encounter calamities of sorts, but after the great battle, we look up and still smile for the second chance, the life we celebrate as we move forward to brighter days.

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