We Share Because We Care

13 November 2013

There were lists of the "dos and don'ts" when it comes to donating that's been circulating. It's unbelievable how some people who are accepting donations will suddenly put a limit on the amount and type of donations that should come in. And these are announced via social media and sadly, on television as well. I am pertaining to "some" public figures, organizations and institutions only.

Clothes: may it be second hand or brand new. If you think your warehouse of relief items is overflowing with clothes, keep sorting and pack those for future use. It will still come in handy. The Visayas Region is big. We still have the survivors from the recent earthquake and families who don't have homes who can surely make use of those "excess clothing".

The "below 100 not advisable" no. of canned goods or other items: We understand the importance of providing in quantity. However, the message that has been cascaded can be misconstrued and demotivate people who just want to help and may not have the quantity that is being requested for.

That YOU Prefer Monetary Donation:  We understand the practicality this option can give in terms of rebuilding efforts and transportation/ travel expenses. However, it begs me to question the motives when at this point in time, our primary goal is to make sure that goods will reach the people in need. With so much monetary donations, it is sad to see that there are several towns in Leyte that have not received any relief goods day 5 after the storm.

If you volunteer or do work for charity, just do it, give all you can, don't complain and never underestimate the capability of those who want to share.

There should be no limitations to the act of selflessness. 

There's a reason why you're blessed to be instruments to help those in need. Whatever is handed thru you for additional help, please... accept it. 

We Share Because We Care

Box of Hope is now in progress
The rescue, relief, retrieval & medical team my husband's going to be joining will leave for Tacloban soon.

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