Why You Need Vitamin C in Your Skin Care

16 November 2013

Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant for many purposes. It has been used by families for decades to improve immune function. What people might not realize is a vitamin C serum can be an essential part of natural skin care, eliminating skin damage over time. Wrinkles in the skin are caused by damage compounding over time. If you are not properly exfoliating and giving your skin the kind of help it needs there could be trouble. This natural remedy can be part of an overhaul of habit from synthetic products into a more organic lifestyle.

Vitamin C works similarly inside the body as it does outside. Vitamin C is full of antioxidants which destroy free radicals in the body. Destroying these free radicals allows the body to repair and in effect fight off infection and viruses. It works the same way when used on the skin. When you go out in the sun for too long, or are subjected to too many pollutants in the environment, vitamin C breaks up the pollutants. The pollutants take up position as free radicals in the integumentary system (of which the skin is the largest organ). These free radicals can become at least permanent damage of the skin. If the damage is not repaired, over time it can compound and become skin cancer.

It is certainly more fun to drink orange juice or eat citrus fruit than it is to take pills, but unfortunately oranges might not have as concentrated of doses of vitamin C. There are some fruits that give higher amounts of vitamin C to the skin, it takes only a little research to discover these other fruits. The fruits can be worked into skin care products which are then rubbed over the body. These products can exfoliate the skin (meaning gently taking off the top layer of skin). They will also help the body maintain moisture. Moisture is essential in skin care. Without natural liquids, the skin can not receive the necessary nutrients the body tries to deliver to them.

Wrinkles can arise when there is a build up of skin damage over time. They typically start with fine lines which are not properly treated. The use of vitamin C can also stimulate the body to naturally produce collagen and elastin. Collagen fills in the fine lines subtly over time. Elastin makes the skin more viable, flexible and more resilient to movement and initial damage from natural pollutants. In this way, products using vitamin C can reduce the effects of aging and bring to the skin a more youthful complexion. It might not happen overnight, but the effects that arise will last longer.

Synthetically manufactured products tend to appear more effective in the process of skin care. However, over time, these products are likely to produce skin damage. This is especially true with overuse. The filler chemicals might be doing more harm than good over time. They might not be causing cancer, but they may be drying out the skin or making the body dependent upon the chemicals in the serum. If the person stops using the popular synthetic products, the body might have a hard time catching back up to producing its own chemicals to naturally care for the skin.

Natural skin care on the other hand is derived from cultures where the only products people used were organic, made from the plants and other materials around them. A vitamin C serum such as the product made by Mad Hippie , for example, would be created from an orange (or another fruit) tree. The people would rub the juice on the skin (or drink it) and the effects would be felt over time. Often these effects would compound in regular usage and keep the skin healthy. Organic materials are more biologically viable than synthetic. They are naturally easier to break down and they leave less of an imprint upon the chemical make up of the person ingesting or using it on their skin.
Vitamin C can reduce the skin damage from multiple sources. It can even reverse the damage done by the synthetic products over time. The removal of free radicals from the system is paramount since it is the free radicals which cause the most problems. When damage is done to the skin, the free radicals accumulate. Free radicals do not just come from the sun. They also come from things we eat every day. Consider fast food. This is highly processed with chemicals added, many of which are not really fit for consumption on a regular basis.

Vitamin C can help improve health, but without a change in habits, there may still be problems with free radicals collecting in the body. Vitamin C can become part of a healthy skin regimen and reduce cancer causing agents as well as perpetuating the appearance of younger looking skin.

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