Live Now

04 October 2013

It's one of those conversations I shared with my husband one fine Thursday morning while having breakfast...

Yesterday, he said: "how time flies so fast and so is life". 
So I jokingly replied: "Yeah, better not keep up with it or it's going to eat you alive". 
Then there was a pause. So I thought he was serious about it. 
Then I said, "You know what, don't get bothered by it. Live at the moment, do whatever is needed to be done, just go on with your daily life or routine." 
Then I got a smile and a nod which is a sign that I was able to ease out his thoughts.

You see, life itself is already complicated, we do all sorts in order to survive. The last thing I want for my family to do is to "keep up" with those complications. Like, technology, lifestyle, food and may it be just the over-all status of society. But if one can learn to dance around it, sway with it and make the most out of it, everything is going to be fine. It only becomes hopeless or dull or a nuisance if one will ask for more than what he or she can chew.

It's one of the things I hold onto everyday not only as a mother to 2 kids but also as a person, just plain me who stays at home 24/7. If you're going to look at it, I have nothing, but I don't find my status boring as if it ends there for me.

I push for whatever I can pull out with my fixed routine and I do get something positive in return. Simple things that makes me happy and where I can spread that same positive vibe to the people around me. Part of that was to be able to give my thoughts and share a new meaning when one notices that life just drives by so fast.

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