Xtraordinarymom Celebrates Her 5th

24 October 2013

Blogging came into my life thru an old friend... I saw the value of sharing one's story online, the impact of being able to inspire other people and how it can be a form of motivation too.  It was early in 2007 when I started to open myself to this extraordinary experience. But it was from 2008 up to the present when I was able to fully explore what an online journal is about.

There were challenges in terms of flexing time, handling more responsibilities as a mother and wife... But I  believe, that if one is passionate about the things around him or her, not a force should stop that person from doing the things he/she love the most. Each post I make is also a realization. With that being said, I learn more and I also grow from within to become a better person everyday.

For the 5 years of being open on some parts of my life, all I wanted was to inspire women, young girls, moms, aspiring moms and even the men.

I don't know how wide this 5 year old blog has touched, but no matter what...

I will continue to share my one of a kind experiences that makes my life colorful and meaningful.
The ups and downs that pulls out a stronger being in me. 
Events that offer unforgettable memories. 
Music that keeps my daily routine in tune.
My inspirations and love for simplicity. 
The interesting gadgets that makes me go crazy.
A little of the things I love as a woman.
Over- all, my never ending excitement to be able to share the beauty of life.

Thank you very much for the continuous visits... Stay happy!

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