Tenant 304

30 October 2013

The past weeks has been filled with so much blessings. But early today, the happiness those blessings showered upon me vanished. I had an accidental encounter with our neighbor this morning. Accidental, because there was no bad intention at all. Come to think of it, the situation got out of hand when our neighbor confronted me when we all thought that everything was already fine. 

The issue: parking spot.

For the past months, we've been waiting in line for a parking spot in this condo we're renting. Last week, the manager told me that Tenant 304 is moving out and assured me that we can already park in the spot that used to be the space for tenant 304 starting October 30, 2013. We even talked about the terms of payment. With that, my husband and I thought that it was all clear.

When my husband got home from work, he informed the guard on duty of the parking changes and yes, he was able to park properly. Around 7am today, the guard asked us if we can move our car because Tenant 304 is coming. I didn't argue because the management apologized for the wrong info they gave us. We didn't have problems on moving our car either. I took out the car, waited a bit. Apparently, there was no parking available outside the building as well. So I placed the car on hazard and went to the condo's office to ask for assistance. It just so happen that Tenant 304 was there. When I came in, the manager approached me and apologized for the mix up. I was also told that Tenant 304 was the one near the front desk. So I apologized we parked in his spot for a couple of hours and even thanked Tenant 304.

Aside from me and Tenant 304, the people present that time was the condo manager, the janitor and the guard. With all those people present, I asked the manager again if they can assist me on finding a parking spot. But Tenant 304 "barged in" and said " Actually, you can use na my parking spot because I am not coming back anymore". I gave my thanks but it didn't end there. Then tenant 304 blurted: "But my contract will end last day of October, but sige, the parking spot is all yours."  He said it nicely. Now, with confirmation coming from Tenant 304 and the condo manager, I moved the car back to the parking spot at the basement.

After parking, I didn't go down of the car immediately because I was fixing some coins. Then Tenant 304 who was in the other spot approached my car and said (sarcastically): "You know, what I meant was, you can park there the day after tomorrow". Then he tapped the hood of the car and said: "just joking, it's all yours!".

It's just parking. It's such a cowardly thing to confront a person (a girl) at the back of everyone else. Tenant 304 is a guy by the way. He waited for me to be by myself just to sight his point. Is that a man or a dad or maybe just a mean boy who wants to "bully" a lady. I remember talking to him with the condo manager and everything went smoothly. As a matter of fact, with what he told me in front of the manager, it may be considered that Tenant 304 formally turned over the parking spot to the next user.  I wasn't even eying for Tenant 304's parking, I was originally asking for a spot outside the building. But since there was no parking available else where and Tenant 304 said yes in a proper manner and the manager also confirmed, I moved the car back. 

When I was confronted with no one else there at least to witness, it felt I was being harassed.  He was already a threat to me the moment he approached the car with just the 2 of us at the basement parking.

Obviously, Tenant 304 was sour graping because someone else's car was parked in his spot. That's his parking spot until October 31, 2013 "now we know". There was a communication gap between us, the condo management and Tenant 304. We moved our car, we apologized for the mix up and even thanked Tenant 304. It should have ended there and on with our own businesses.

If I'm to play Tenant 304, I will voluntarily give up my parking spot to anybody who needs it, I'm leaving anyway. According to the condo management, Tenant 304 doesn't even sleep in his condo anymore.

Anyway, my husband didn't know that something was already happening. Well, I froze with the encounter myself. My husband got very disappointed with what happened but it's already too late to confront Tenant 304.  He thinks I handled the situation well by not reacting to Tenant 304's idiocy. I know I didn't do anything wrong. I did not step on anybody. It's just sad that a simple dilemma that can be handled properly went haywire because Tenant 304 chose to be a total jerk more than a considerate "human" being.

What happened to me is another realization. I'm enclosed within the 4 walls of my home, surrounded by nice people and when reality sets in, if it bites, it can be shocking and very painful.

Tenant 304 will meet his match someday. God's watching.

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