Archie Comics Through The Years

23 October 2013

Here it is my friends, the Archie Comic collection I have. Well, actually this is already a combination with some of my sister's. We thought that it's a good idea to put everything together and place it in our parents' library.

 Reading Archie Comics is one of the things that I still do even up to now. I can go through every old comic book over and over again. I have 2 reasons why I have all these. 
1. My mom told me one of the things that she did with my dad as bonding time was reading Archie Comics. But unfortunately, they didn't think of preserving those comic books. Now, with that, it motivated me to keep my collection and preserve it. 
2. As a kid, my family didn't have enough to buy other things and everyone that time was into Archie Comics. I ended up borrowing from friends. But not all were very open to share. So I told myself, when the right time comes and when I get to have extra money, I'll get myself some Archie Comics. Eventually, my family was able to get up from those hard days and yes, almost every week or at least once a month, I made it a point to buy new Archie Comics. 

Often times, when one is deprived of something, that person has the tendency to fire back. I didn't think of doing such thing even if I was denied several times just to be able to read an Archie Comic book. As a matter of fact, I gladly lent mine to people who didn't even return some of my Archies. But what the heck, I'll just buy more.

Now, my collection is open to my own kids, my niece and my nephew who loves to read. I share with them that Archie Comics is filled with nice, colorful stories with values to learn. Everytime we have visitors, the amount of "WOWs!" and "COOLs!" we get seeing my collection is unbelievable. This collection is something to be proud of. Some of these are really old. As you can see, others have torn pages. My sister was nice to wrap each with plastic and create covers for those without the front part. 

In the recent Toy Con, I was able to find a seller of old Archie Comics at Php50 ea. Then I discovered a toy shop in Greenhills that sell Archie Comics too. Slowly, I plan to expand the collection with the classic Archie Comics and the special hard bound collection I saw in Fully Booked.

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