Essential Finds From The Manila International Bookfair

24 September 2013

2 weeks ago, we attended the Manila International Bookfair. Aside from the reason that my dad is part of the affair, my husband and I went to check on some music books on sale. Personally, I was just there to see my dad and to accompany my husband. But it turned the other way, I was the one who took home some readings and my husband ended up ordering his music books and went home empty handed.

Last time we attended this book fair was 3 years ago. It was different back then with less to think about. I'm busier now with 2 kids and more tasks needed to be accomplished.

I have been very busy for the past months. The reason... I have been occupied studying. I have been busy spending "me time" acquiring knowledge on basic cooking, baking and all the facts needed for a functional restaurant. It feels like I'm back in school again, refreshing my mind of what I learned 10 years ago in college. The readings I "accidentally" came across with are considered as essential finds.

1. Larousse Gastronomique- "The World's Greatest Cookery Encyclopedia"
I've studied and read several books on food and cooking, but this has got to be one of the most informative, precise and well- balanced. Not only it's an encyclopedia, but it also contains recipes based on international standards. More on my food blog soon...

2. The Best of Archie Comics Book 1&3
I stopped purchasing regular Archie Comics since it's pages turned modern. I lost touch of the classic Archie Comic I grew up with that's why instead of buying the new prints, I thought it's best to invest on the classics. As of the moment, our purchase of the first and 3rd book completed our set. There's more to collect. My Archie Comics are now part of parents' library in my hometown. That reminds me to fix them again and post about it on this blog.

3. Food & Society
One of the readings I found within the pile of books from my dad's booth. An interesting book fit for the modern take of society on food and restaurants. It's benefits and not so pleasant outcome. If you're into food adventures, this book will come in as a good guide when it comes to food and the pressure coming from society.

Taking some time to visit the recent book fair was relieving. I was able to take a break and the books were... I must say, "meant for me". I'm not a bookworm, but if I find something of my interest, I will surely spend and find time for it and receive it's purpose of making me knowledgeable.


Chatty said...

Oh, I love Archie comics! I like the classic ones, too. How much did you get them for?

Enchie said...

Hi Chatty! Forgive me,for not posting the prices, I got the Archie Comics at 20% off Php399 ea.