We Love FAMILY Selfies

02 September 2013

Selfie: Is a net lingo pertaining to an image of yourself taken by you and often meant to be shared online.

A selfie is often found on Instagram, Facebook... actually, as long as there's room for sharing, anybody can post and find self portraits anywhere online.  It's nothing new, the only thing that made each photo experience different is the camera/ gadget being used.

Before, we take chances fitting our faces using a digital camera. Now it's easier. With the use of cellphones/ smartphones, mostly iPhones, the 4th to the 5th gen in particular, and for sure, the next iPhone will produce picture- perfect materials. The new iPod Touch has developed and can be used as a good photo instrument too and of course, tablets for some. Using any of these, you can see yourself and have time to adjust accordingly for a nice- looking self portrait.
There's still room for our digital cameras by the way, but most of the time, it's being used to capture moments from special occasions. And even with a DSLR around, I still make backups using a smartphone or any from our other gadgets.

There were times when I would take a picture of myself and share them on my IG account, especially when it was new. I think I came to a point when I've outgrown it. Now, I prefer posting pictures of my family instead of myself.

Compiling "Family Selfies" is on a different level. It is as fun as taking the usual selfie, but it's more carefree compared to a self portrait when one becomes too conscious and serious trying to nail a good angle.

Also, with less load, when traveling within the city, more pictures are taken anytime we want to. We make it a point to take a lot of family selfies, it's an easy way to document our memories as a family. With the release of smaller gadgets producing clear pictures, I have to say,  it's heaven sent.

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