Mirror Maze

05 September 2013

Seri Fantasy World was developed out of curiosity on the science of 3D technology and the ambition to bring to the Philippines the attractions of SEOGWIPO SERI WORLD theme park in Jeju Island, South Korea. -source-
Entrance: Php100
Location: Seri Fantasy World (Seriland), 2F Manila Ocean Park

Mirror Maze is just one of the artistic attractions at Seriland's Trick Art Museum. It was a last minute decision to check the museum. For our first visit, we only tried the Mirror Maze.
The challenge at Mirror Maze is to be able to find your way to the exit passing through multiple glass panes. Upon checking-in, the guide on duty will hand out white gloves so that no finger prints will be left on the mirrors. 
Once inside, you should put both arms forward as a precautionary measure, to prevent guests from hitting/ bumping the mirrors. There are people inside who will serve as guides through the maze of mirrors if you get lost and (I hope not), in case of emergency.
For first timers like us, yes, we were amazed and amused by the mirror tricks. My son was really into it. Too bad that we didn't have a regular camera with us. We could have taken clearer images. Picture taking is allowed by the way.
Definitely, we will return to Seriland to experience the whole Trick Art Museum. It's a place for learning. Perfect for the children to have an extraordinary experience, wander, explore the other side of artistry and wonder with their imaginations.
For more information, visit: www.serifantasyworld.com

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