28 August 2013

LEGO now has become a collectible. For some, mostly within my age bracket, prefers collecting LEGO bag tags, key chains, stationery sets and other LEGO merchandise. For me and my husband, we want to relive our childhood with our own kids that's why we are more into spending for a box of LEGO bricks and pieces as it also caters to the imagination. But don't get me wrong, we also like to get those nice collectibles, it's just that when you put the prices of those small things together, it's worth buying a LEGO Creator set.
Other than cars, my eldest son likes to build houses and cities. I on the other hand, have my own. With random LEGO pieces, I enjoy creating farm houses. I even thought of building a mini version of Smallville. Buy a Superman LEGO set as an additional display to my small town.
I so love the apple tree I created and the flowers made up of single, small LEGO bricks. The cow and the dog in my small LEGO farm was fun to make.  With more bricks, a horse would come in handy. The tractor is part of the booklet that came in with the Build and Rebuild set.

At the moment, my husband has his own project mixing LEGO sets in order to build his own LEGO model. Almost every weekend he goes mall hopping searching every toy store for LEGO sets that will aid with his creation. He plans to join a LEGO contest online where one should create a character using LEGO bricks and if the creation gets a certain no. of likes on Facebook, (not really sure of the details) LEGO will turn it into a real set. How cool is that?! There are hundreds of participants, but the whole process and the challenge of assembling "your own" toy is already fun and unforgettable.

Playing with LEGO has been a form of therapy for me and my husband. When the kids are already sleeping, my husband will pop a relaxing music, then on with our own worlds with LEGO.

and just a follow up... My younger brother Nino, to my surprise, knows the story and the history of LEGO. Apparently, it's one important part of his childhood that he kept because when he was a kid, he loved and enjoyed playing LEGO.

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