Revisiting Manila Ocean Park

04 September 2013

Our first visit at the Manila Ocean Park was way back in 2009. That time, there wasn't much to see except for the Oceanarium. It was still a memorable visit because for me and my son, it was our first time to be in an oceanarium. 4 years later, we're back and with a new addition in the family. For my son's 9th birthday, instead of having a celebration in school with his classmates, my husband and I with our son's approval plan to take Frankie with his cousins to Manila Ocean Park for his birthday celebration. It just so happen that my husband took some visitors at the Manila Ocean Park last month. It was then when he found out that this tourist spot has improved and has added sights to see.
Our visit over the weekend was perfect. I was able to see the packages, the facilities and prices in preparation of my son's birthday. From our recent trip, we took the Deep Sea Rush Package at Php550 each, children 2 ft. below are free of charge and is inclusive with the ff:

Birds of Prey Kingdom
Sea Lion Show/ Marine Life Habitat or Boat Ride (inside the Oceanarium) 
Jellies Exhibit

Please take note that the Deep Sea Rush set originally includes the Sea Lion Show and Marine Life Habitat not the Boat Ride. Since we came in after lunch, we missed the Sea Lion Show that's why the management replaced it with the Boat Ride. I suggest a visit first thing in the morning so you can avail the original Deep Sea Rush package with the Sea Lion Show.
The Birds of Prey Kingdom was our first stop. It is located near the Oceanarium entrance, right side.
It's an opportunity to see upclose one of the most stunning coastal raptors in the country, the  Lawin or Banog in the Visayas region. Have a close encounter with these winged wonders within a unique bird sanctuary as they perched in a hanging bridge along the coast of Manila Bay. -source-
After our Lawin experience, we proceeded at the Oceanarium. I must say, there were less fishes on display compared to our first visit in 2009. Anyway, it was still worth it. My kids enjoyed it so much. My eldest son is more attentive and observant now. My youngest, was in awe of the fishes in big "containers". And yes, he blurted another word... Phish... well that's FISH coming from a 1 year and 8 month old baby. 

At the Oceanarium you will also find the Boat Ride. It's basically a boat with a glass bottom so you can see the fishes below. The only comment I have is-- I didn't enjoy it. They filled our boat with so much people, exactly the opposite of what I saw on their website. We weren't able to take pictures, because the boat was too crowded. They fitted 3 families and a couple in a small boat. It would be nicer if they do it 1 boat per family or  at least 2 families per boat.
After our boat ride, we had some snacks. At the Manila Ocean Park, you will find a lot of food stalls and restaurants. In case you get tired in the middle of your tour or you get hungry, it is not going to be a problem. 
To end our tour, we visited the Jellies Exhibit. It was our first time see the jelly fishes. We missed this part in our 2009 visit. It's my favorite. Watching the jelly fishes relaxes me. It would have been better if there's a relaxing music playing at this particular area of Ocean Park. It's clear that these colorful creatures can gracefully move and be considered as "dancing sea fairies".
Aside from the main attractions, Manila Ocean Park being an "ocean park" offers places within the park itself where one can have a cool view of the Manila Bay.
Along the way, you will find nice backgrounds for picture taking. This recent visit of ours is more fun than our trip in 2009. Even if we're already familiar with some attractions, Manila Ocean Park built as a nature friendly environment gave us the feel of the natural habitats of the species on display.

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