Playing Dress Up

28 August 2013

So I stay at home almost 24/7 right? Well, it doesn't mean that I can't play dress up and plan an outfit for future use. One of the things that I'm very fond of is browsing online for nice dresses and shoes. I look into several websites, then I put up whatever I can find appealing together and eventually create a wardrobe.

Last year, I enjoyed shopping online with my sister-in-law who lives in America. She'll give a list of websites to go through, find a dress, shoes and a bag I like that will go well as a whole ensemble. It was fun. It's exciting browsing and planning an attire for future use. Sometimes, it doesn't require an occasion to buy nice dresses and besides, it's best to be up to date with the latest trends. With a quick look online, you'll find adorable dresses fit for all occasions.

An event took place also last year, I was a Sponsor to a wedding representing my mother-in-law. It was my moment to look glamorous after the longest time. I dressed up with a one shoulder, flowy gown. My in- laws bought my gown online. I really like it because it reminded me of my wedding gown too. From the length of the garment, the color and the lightness of the gown itself. Same as this mini chiffon dress I found at dressfirst.

My wedding gown is a long version of this short dress. This is a perfect choice for homecoming events.  It's included in the list of homecoming dresses 2013. This kind of dress can also be a closet staple for both formal and semi- formal events. It's easy to wear, accessorizing won't be a challenge as well just by looking at the model above. Chiffon is a garment that I like because it's soft, beautiful and it elegantly flows.

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