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14 August 2013

First off, let me share how proud and happy I am every time I hear news about our fellow Filipinos making noise with their achievements in various fields both here and abroad.

The public issues that's going to be tackled in this post are the recent changes the government has made. It's good news for me, it may be bad for some, especially those directly affected. Topics that's been circulating not only in social networking sites but in local newspapers and television as well. I thought it would be proper to post my opinion on this blog more than make a random shout out on Facebook like everyone else, which clearly and most of the time, people find it in general, offensive.

On Public Transportation:

We all know that the City of Manila with Joseph Estrada as Mayor has regulated the entry of buses coming from neighboring cities without terminals in Manila. Personally, and I honestly think that it was a good move on easing out traffic flow within Metro Manila. I understand that at this point, it has become a nuisance in way, for commuters. If we're to talk about progress, we can't always be comfortable without a little sacrifice in return. Not only the people of Manila will benefit from it, but other cities who'll look up to this stand the government of Manila has implemented. We can walk in malls and parks for hours, why can't we do it on an ordinary street. Or for a change, like what the Vice Mayor of Manila said: " Make walking a habit". Same goes with the bus terminal system that MMDA just recently opened. It's acceptable that there will always be a certain period for adjustments. Sometimes, it will take a month or more for us to smoothly abide, see the result and to finally appreciate the outcome.

On Flaunting Unnecessary Riches:

Let me share an article that triggered me to post about this issue.

Sometimes boasting is blinding.  A person has the tendency to lose wisdom that helps each one of us in making decisions even with the tiny reason why we post pictures online. Eventually, that gets most into trouble. It's such a shame because one doesn't have to go all out.  But since that person wanted to show- off so much and flaunt everything, that person has got to pay the price, suffer the consequences.

On Informal Settlers:

I never thought that the relocation of informal settlers is going to be this huge and for the very first time, functioning. My heart goes to those who will lose their homes and jobs "temporarily". In moving from place to another, I greatly understand the feeling because my family has been into it for the past 4-5 years and I say it's not fun and it's tiring. But with some adjustments and sacrifices, my husband and I worked hard for the #1 goal we've been praying for, and yes, we're moving forward to achieving that dream soon. Thinking of the whole family's future, that's enough motivation to keep moving forward for a better living. The relocation sites the government has allotted is far from the city, but it doesn't mean that the area is not family friendly. Meaning, the essential resources such as education, food and work is also available within the vicinity if one will work hard. I am happy that those who embraced this blessing are also sharing the good experiences they had and still having to those who are having second thoughts.

Change is good, it aims for growth and development more than imbalance. New beginnings are opportunities given to start all over, clean our mess, grab the chances we didn't take before and be at our best with whatever life's going to throw at us.

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