Finding Inspiration: Miranda Kerr's Definition of Grace

19 February 2013

When I read her definition of what "grace" is, I knew I need to share it not just to make a point, but also to spread on what being graceful is all about both inside and out. Good if we can all apply it in our daily living. 

On Good Manners:

One of the things I'm very particular of, and I've been very quiet about are issues towards those who have money but who aren't fully aware of what etiquette is.  "For me", base on what I've experienced, I can say that having money, doesn't follow that a person also have good manners. Hard truth, in reality, we can't just walk to a person and tell him or her "hey, mind your manners". A well-mannered person never bash on somebody else. A well-mannered person always look for the good in everything. A well- mannered person knows when to speak and knows when to remain silent.
Grace is often described as being elegant, merciful and kind. I made this blog post because something in the past was trashed over me. I wasn't able to give a feedback thinking that it is such a waste. But I knew that there will come a time that I'll be writing about it still...

In my experience, I have been bashed by those who talks about "grace" or being  "graceful" all the times.  

Where is grace when a person loves to look for mistakes on other person's work in life, a fault- finder. Where's grace when a person gets upliftment by feeding on a person's imperfections. 
Where is grace if you like taking advantage of other people and giving them false hopes and beliefs of who you truly are. 

Where is grace in all that?

On Forgiveness & Faith

It's so sad how I was looked down upon so much.  How people can be so mean so that they can gain self- confidence. At first, it kinda bugs me, but looking at my mother, who's entire life is being spent as  a stay at home mom.  Like me, people likes to look down on her. But she gets through everything as if nothing happened.

I don't understand what some people have against housewives... really? What do we have that you loathe the most?

My mom's strength is my strength. The thought that I/ we have nothing to lose makes me/ us stronger. I was taught to forgive instantly. What's important now is to take care of my family and to have dignity. We do react... sometimes we get angry. But in the end, we gain nothing from it, better to search for inspiration instead.

On Gratitude

This entry is important to me, because after months of being silent, I'm able to share my thoughts and feelings through the words of a person who doesn't even know me. A person who's oceans away from me, a person whose world is far different from me. Even with that, she was able to share a meaningful take on what "grace" is.

Miranda Kerr is a role model to me. A mother, a wife, a successful model but she reflects a humble "Being" to the people and you will feel that she's being truthful. Her definition was very inspiring. It is something worth thinking everyday in life to become a better person and to do good towards the people that surrounds us.

“Grace is gratitude, surrender, faith, forgiveness, good manners and understanding.”- Miranda Kerr

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