Trip Down To Taal Lake

19 February 2013

It's not our first time to get a closer glimpse of the Taal Volcano, but it is our first time to be back again after 10 years. After hearing mass at the Carmel Church in Lipa Batangas, we decided to go to Tagaytay via Talisay. But before heading up to Tagaytay City, we went around Talisay for the kids to have a closer look at the Taal Volcano.
My son Frankie has always been fond of seeing a real volcano. One of the things he only see and read about in books and on television. The closest he can ever relate to with is the Taal Volcano. Even if he have seen it several times, he makes us feel that each visit we make to Tagaytay it's always his first.
With so much excitement, he'll start asking, "are we going to see the volcano?", "are we going to see the volcano?" Over the weekend, Frankie was able to take a closer look of the beautiful Taal Volcano. He was very happy. As a matter of fact, he was overwhelmed how big it is as we went closer.
The Taal Lake was peaceful. We can smell the fresh breeze coming from the lake itself. Base on my observation, the fish pens are not crowded anymore. Makes the whole lake look cleaner. We wanted to go in a resort and spend some time by the shore of the lake, but we weren't prepared, maybe on our next visit.

As for me, I am very satisfied and happy that I'm able to take my children out on adventures like these. It's a simple trip but we get to bond, it's educational and fun. I can't wait for our camping trip.


Beth said...

Hi Enchie,
Ang lapit nyo naman sa Taal. Saan banda yan?

When I was younger, I went to the Taal Volcano, rode a banca with friends, rode horses paakyat dun sa crater. Someday, I want to bring my kids there, too. Pag di delikado, of course.

Jonalyn Quita said...

Your baby is big already as well as your eldest son is getting bigger :) enjoy your day Enchie!