An Early Preparation for SY 2013-2014

15 February 2013

In school, I grew up having a tutor. It helped me cope with the advance lessons I get. Some might think that having a tutor means that the person is poor in academics. That's partly true but, for me, as a parent, I believe that having a tutor for my kid helps boosts his knowledge in various subjects. As early as January, my son's school registrar handed me the enrollment form for the coming school year. And time sure flies by so fast. I mean, I thought we just enrolled him for school. Now, the school year is ending and we have to prepare for a new one.

Part of the preparation was to look for a good tutor. Since my son's previous teacher left to pursue her studies, we are now in search for a reliable teacher. At Tutorspree they offer the best way to find high quality private tutors for every subject. We noticed that for the past summers, even if I give my son activities at home to  do, we still end with so much time unused. My husband and I talked to him and asked if he wants to do a few sessions with an activity he loves. With a quick yes, we will enroll him to a summer class of his chosen interest.

With the summer school activities, a good tutor and of course our family bonding, I can say that our son is ready to face another fun year in school.

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