Test Your Driving Skills and Attitude

31 August 2012

I remember getting my professional driver's license more than 10 years ago. It was hard to be able to acquire one. Usually, a non-professional is given to a regular driver. But my dad thought that carrying a professional license will make me feel more of a responsible driver. Part of the process was a hands- on driving exam and a written exam. Few knows that the Land and Transportation Office in our country holds strict qualifications on acquiring a license. That is, if you're going to avoid fixers and "under the table transactions". The process itself is hard and challenging. The scenario feels exactly going through a college entrance examinaton.

To be able to gain knowledge on the right driving skills which includes following road rules, traffic signs and signals and being more of a defensive driver than offensive. Some go online to get information. One is dmvcheatsheets drivers test.  It's more of a reviewer. They offer study guides and online practice tests. As you go through this mock driver's exam, try to apply all essentials in actual driving so you get to practice, see and feel how it is if one will follow traffic rules and regulations.

Driving is a skill and a skilled driver is a person that has control and knows how to decipher what's right from wrong. There are rules to follow, a driver's license is given to us with approval and trust to be a responsible driver not as a permit to become reckless.

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