Setting Up My Corner Slowly

08 August 2012

We've settled in our new home for about a month ago, but I haven't fully transitioned my life online to the present. A week before we officially moved to our new place, my pc got busted. So it took some time before we were able to look into the problem. The computer suffered minor problems, but we opted to have it reformatted and have some features such as the operating system updated from Windows XP to an original Windows 7 Ultimate.
My husband bought a new table for my computer and it's really nice. The new computer table matched the rest of our furnitures. As you can see, though it's a bit blurry, I want my work table to be free of clutter such as excessive wiring, papers and folders, and even a mouse pad. That's basically because I find it hard to move the mouse everytime I play. As of the moment, my computer has only the basics. I don't even have my Canon Utilities installed yet and the games I play. It's good enough to be able to surf online and make short articles in my blogs. In a few weeks, hopefully, I will be able to begin on posts due for sharing.

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Benita Bolland said...

It’s a good start to install an legitimate OS into your computer. And Windows 7 Ultimate is a great choice, since it has more key features than other Windows 7 versions. One chief advantage it has is the Bitlocker. It is an encryption feature which helps safeguard the files on your computer and even those that were stored in your flash drives, once you plug it into the computer. Its language switching feature could also help you with your blogging. ;)

Benita Bolland