Trendy Tummy Maternity Dresses and Tops

08 September 2012

One of the things I enjoy during pregnancy is dressing up my baby bump. I always look forward to wearing dresses in different colors and styles. One event I experienced during my last pregnancy was to attend a formal occasion. It was my first time to dress up in a formal attire and with a bulging tummy. Since it was my first time, I had to go through several magazines and fashion websites to have an idea on what to wear. Trendy Tummy maternity formal dresses was one of the informative websites I came accross. The website contained several maternity dresses both casual and formal wear.

And for cute maternity tops. One doesn't have to be old-fashioned looking if pregnant. Because cool and cute maternity tops are now available in the market. Moms- to- be can  purchase chic maternity clothes anywhere.
These maternity tops and dresses are so cool, too cool that you can wear them even after giving birth. I got a dose of nice maternity tops from my mother-in-law last year and I'm still enjoying every piece even as a top at the beach.

Trendy Tummy Maternity was created when founder and owner, Catherine Adderson, was just over 8 months pregnant with her second baby girl (in 15 months).However, in order for her to stay home and raise her sweet little girls, she needed an income. Her passion has always been business,which she excelled in.

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