Father's Day 2012

14 August 2012

So here's another post due for shring. I know Father's Day was celebrated 2 months ago, but no matter what, I just need to make a post about the small feast we shared with the head of our family.
My dad- father of 5 children
my brother- father of 2 kids
and my husband father of 2 kids
Just like what we do every year, we prepared simple dishes and desserts to add color to our celebration.

We had:
Vegetable Pasta
Walnut and Pineapple Salad
Fish and Chips

Other than that, our gathering concentrated on the time given to us to bond and to even share the same stories over and over again.
We have gifts prepared for each dad. An artwork for our Daddy, since my brother has this thing on keeping his car clean all the time, we got him some cleaning tools and for my husband, his favorite car scent and goodies. Nothing much, but we made sure that we're able to capture their heart's desire.
What I like about celebrations? Since we have a big family, everytime we celebrate an ocassion even in its simplest form, we feel like or I feel like it's something grand.
Personally, all I'm after is the moment spent with each member.
As the night went on, the boys were given their time to talk about serious issues and business. I heard one of them mentioning about timothysykes.
The highlight of the event was capturing a new photo of an old picture we found.
Well, I didn't quite get the very same pose, but look at Nino hehehe! he didn't change a single expression he just grew taller. Everyone on Facebook liked this photo. Reenacting was a bit challenging, we were laughing and laughing it was hard to keep a straight face.

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Beth said...

Hi Enchie, I like that photo, too! Ang laki na ni Bunso para kumarga sa Mom nyo hehehe.

BTW, I linked your post about Ayala Triangle on my post about it, as promised.

Good to know you're back to regular blogging na uli. Take care! :)