Decorative Glass Nail Files As Gifts

08 August 2012

It was raining hard for the past 9 days. We're pretty much stuck indoors. One of the things that kept me busy were my toenails. I did a lot of experimenting when it comes to the polishes I have. Then it reminded of the glass nail filesI was planning to get for my friends this Christmas. It's perfect as a gift because of the elegant designs made with Swarovski crystals. Not only their chic but these glass nail files are made not only for manicure and pedicure purposes, but it can also remove callus and a separate glass file for pet manicure will also be nice for our little pooches. These decorative glass nail files can also be used as souvenirs and company giveaways during events and promotions. That would be the coolest thing, straying away from flyers, mugs, etc. 

A glass nalin file also known as crystal nail file – is an ideal nail care tool for your natural or artificial nails, yet is not so common, as other nail care tools. Professionals in beauty salons use glass nail files for manicure and pedicure procedures as well as individuals use glass nail files for their needs in everyday life.

Czech glass nail files are not only a nail care tool, but also very practical and original gift for yourself and others. Offering more than 400 types of decoration, including unique decoration with Swarovski crystals, we can satisfy even picky clients who look for luxury crystal nail files.

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