Zoobic Safari

19 April 2012

The word SAFARI is often linked to an expedition or animal sightseeing. We interact with animals and feed our brains with so much information when it comes to the nature of the animals and their surroundings. Our Zoobic Safari is one good example. Our first activity in Subic was to go on a Zoobic Safari. My whole family went even our baby Mikee. But I advise not to bring your babies, not unless they like sleeping the whole day. My son slept through most of our journey, that's why I didn't have a hard time.
It was a very hot day I must say. In any safari, it's best to wear light clothing.
White tigers are often mistaken as albino tigers but they're a mutant variant of an existing tiger species, the Bengal Tigers.
There were several interactive activities for the tourists, especially for the kids. They fed animals such as birds, camels and even crocodiles. You can purchase a basket full of vegetables and fruits at php100 for the animals to feed.
The boys tried the bow and arrow (php10) for every set. With that small amount we're making a big contribution helping Aetas with their livelihood. It was fun, you just want to try it over and over again aiming for the farthest mark.
 Waiting for our Tram
 It's Here! Our tram!
 This tram took us around Zoobic:
Aeta Trail & Show
Croco Loco
 Tiger Safari
The highlight of every ZOOBIC visit is the Tiger Safari, where we get up- close and in a way, personal with the tigers, because we get to feed them. I was seated by the window. I got scared at first because the tigers are so big and I can actually feel their breath at the back of my head. It was amazing to experience these cats come to us freely than the usual caged animal.
At the Tiger Safari Cafe
Aside from various souvenirs and stuffed toys, there are travel points within the safari where they sell refreshments.
with Khams and Bryan inside the ZOOBIC Cave
Inside the Zoobic Cave, you will see preserved actual animal skin and stuffed animals presented as if they're in their natural habitat.
Another highlight of our safari was the Aeta Trail and Show. They treated us to 3 tribal dances: the Monkey Dance, Butterfly Dance and War Dance. Along the trail you will also see an Aeta Village. It's actually their homes.
 Most souvenirs I saw were made by the Aetas.
There's so much to explore in ZOOBIC, activities we missed because we have an infant with us. I promised my son Franky that we will go back, just in time Mikee's big enough to even enjoy ZOOBIC himself. Our ZOOBIC SAFARI experience was a memorable because we spent it with our relatives from America whom we haven't seen in years.


Joy said...

Would love to visit ZOOBIC SAFARI and get that close to the tigers, sounds scary but exciting at the same time.

Baby Mikee looks really cute in his pictures. :)

♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...

It must be a fun-filled trip for the whole family. :)

Beth said...

I would love to go there someday, Enchie! The kids and I want to try the Tiger Safari. I've always wanted that adventure for years but I just don't have the resources and transpo then, hayz. Maybe when we come back there someday.

simply kim said...

great! wish i could take my kids there one of these days..

a visit from kimmy!

Enchie said...

hey guys! nice to see you here again. ZOOBIC is a perfect family destination.