16 April 2012

Laiya Batangas has been a regular destination for my family all year round. Anytime we want to go to the beach considering a great amount of privacy and a white beach, Laiya is the best location near Manila. But for the past year, as I was looking on booking at the very same resort we're we always go, I found out that they've "ridiculously" increased their rates. Imagine, the php5,550 overnight room rate went up to php10,700 with a maximum of 4 people. Exceeding heads will be charged php1,500 each.
Our first adventure this summer was still in Laiya. We didn't make any reservations, hoping that we will find a resort along the way  that offers more reasonable room rates. And we found one...
Location: Laiya San Juan, Batangas
Taramindu was named after an 80 year old Tamarind Tree which is located within the heart of the resort.
Tamarindu is even more peaceful compared to those expensive resorts within the area. We love Laiya because even with a crowded beach, we still get some privacy. Considering that summer has already started, our visit to Laiya mid-March of 2012 was very unusual, finding an empty beach when we arrived.

The trend in Laiya goes around the no outside food allowed and cooking policy. With this, they add the food costings per head aside from the entrance fee. For an overnight stay, a room, inclusive of food will cost around php8K-11K for a family of 4. In Taramindu, we spent php5500 for a room, overnight stay and an additional php600 per head for our food, which I still find way cheaper.
Our room:
  • Php5500
  • 1 queen- size bed and a double deck bed.
  • Hot and cold shower
  • WIFI
The Taramindu Restaurant
 All we have to do is go to the Taramindu restaurant which has a relaxing view of the ocean. They'll hand you their menu and you can order anything within the price range of 600. Anything that goes beyond is additional cost. But again, even their restaurant menu is packed with delicious choices that are well priced. Over-all,  we spent a total of php7,500: a nice room with food included and our +++ spent in the restaurant.
Taramindu was a quick answer that offers same high level of comfort. If we're going to talk about having privacy, Taramindu has it. I suggest to make reservations ahead, they have a limited no. of rooms.
Whether you paid for Php10-21K for an overnight stay, it doesn't matter, because you will still walk along the very same shoreline, swim in the fresh waters of Tayabas bay and cherish the very same sunrise in the morning. I mean, do we go to the beach just to sleep in a more luxurious room? We go to the beach to have fun under the sun and even under the moonlight.

More info here: http://www.batangas-philippines.com/laiya.html


Chatty said...

thanks for the tip! I agree that some resorts charge incredibly high rates! I'll keep Taramindu in mind the next time we plan a beach outing to Laiya. :-)

Louise said...

Wow! it looks like staying there is very peaceful,I like the place. Thanks!

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