Me Time Is Nail Time

12 April 2012

Me Time is very seldom for the past months. I greatly consider any small situation spent by myself and one of them is painting my nails.
Chosen shade for the week: Bobbie's Premium Glaze Terracotta

Glaze Terracotta is the combination of the shades I often use. The color in- between red, brown and bronze. To make the reddish part come out, I tweaked with it a little and had 3 applications. Don't worry, even 2 coatings isn't enough with the light texture of the nail polish.

I like red for my nails. You will never go wrong with any shade of red. The glazy part made it more captivating, and it dries faster and it's easier to apply. The color is perfect for summer. Please bear with the nails though, I keep it short for my babies :D

Have A Great Day!

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