That Cream and Black Flats

13 April 2012

This particular flat shoes is considered classic. Simple yet it can go with any shade of clothing. I made this post because just the other night I went through my Lucky Magazine and found this perfect version of a cream and black flats. It reminded me that I have one myself.
Only, mine is a slingback flat shoes and it has a cute bow on top. The material for the black top  is velvet (love it...). My slingback flats is already 3 years old. I bought it in 2009 and it was a rare find. "I accidentally" found it within piles and piles of Parisian shoes in SM. I have no intentions of buying anything the day I found it. But when I saw it and in my size, I just got to have it. Well, I thought that it will take me years to be able to find one again.
It is an old flat shoes but it is comfortable to wear and still looks brand new to me. I never had issues when it comes to brand names, designers, tiangge stuff and cheap finds, because I believe that usage will depend on the owner. I'm still on the look for the regular cream and black flats as seen from the magazine picture above, I sure hope I can find one...

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Chatty said...

I love flats! They're pretty and comfy! :)