Putting Fashion Pieces Together

02 April 2012

The wedding is on September of this year. But as early as now, I've been putting things together in order to come up with the perfect outfit. My sister-in-law's helping me out with this one by the way and we're almost done putting the right pieces together. The dress was a knockout, I mean, my sister-in-law asked me if I like it, all I can say was... I Love It! When it comes to formal events, I prefer wearing long gowns and dresses. With the right hairstyle, it lessens the need to accessorize.


The hot pink clutch was also my sister-in-law's suggestion. Not only it matches the dress and gives an extraordinary kick to the whole outfit, the pink clutch is also perfect for everyday use. I have 2 choices for my shoes. Actually,  I was given several links online so I can choose the pair I like. From several, I narrowed it down to 5 pairs, then the choice between 2 pairs which is shown above.
This is what we've come up with. All I need to do is to confirm my size :D
Even if my sister-in-law is miles and miles away from me, we're able to put up an amazing outfit together. I sure miss the times spent with my sister -in -law hanging out sharing our thoughts on fashion, window shopping, shopping, eating out and simply having a quiet conversation at home... So thank God for online shopping, it can make people spend quality time together even virtually.

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Chatty said...

Wow! That's nice! I'm sure you'll look even more beautiful in that outfit. :)