03 February 2012

Ok, I know... I think we're pretty late getting involve with Nerf guns. It just so happen that my husband, who's a big boy wanted a different toy. And NERF guns are one of the best toys that is also fit for adults. We've been seeing NERFS in all toy stores, it's nothing new to us. My son wasn't interested and if my son doesn't give a damn, same goes for me and my husband, then we skip the aisle then.
With emphasis on THEN because... Just over the holidays, Toy Kingdom sold Nerf Guns as a buy 1 take 1 item, particularly the Maverick REV-6 (accessories not included). That's why we have 2 Mavericks in the photo below.
Recon CS-6, Maverick REV-6, Barricade RV-10, Maverick REV-6
My husband decided to get the buy 1 take 1 item thinking that we should give it separately as presents. But when we got home, my son was able to take a glimpse of what's inside our shopping bag and showed interest on the Nerf Guns we bought. He wasn't pushy about it but the interest was there. As a surprise, we wrapped the Nerf Guns (both Mavericks) and gave it to our son as a bonus Christmas Gift. My husband and my son started with practice shooting. My husband felt that there was something missing, as if he wanted something bigger or let's say a better gun for himself. Since I haven't bought anything for him for Christmas, I wandered around Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall and bought him the Recon CS-6 (the long Nerf in the picture above). For his birthday last month, I bought him a Barricade RV-10, which is an electronic revolver.
NERF Ammo Box, Modified Barricade RV-10, Maverick REV-6
So that's how we got involve with so much NERFism. We started with the basics, then later on, added accessories and even bought more NERFS. Right now, we are in the process looking for Deploy CS-6, a Tech Target, Barrels, Shoulder Stock and even Tactical Vests. NERF accessories are short here in the Philippines. We go online just to be able to add on like extra Longshot Scopes and Tactical Lights. We want to gear up because we see it as a good father & son activity. And if moms (like me) are open to these things, well... it's perfect for the family, especially when you're out of town. A good set up is in a  park or in any field with fresh air and nice view.
Alpha Trooper CS-18
Our latest buys were an Alpha Trooper CS-18 and an Ammo Box for our bullets.
Modifying a Recon CS-6
Modifications were made with some guns both to enhance performance and look.

With our recent toy store visit, 2012 NERF models are already available. Let me check my budget... Valentines Day is coming, might just grab another one ;)
"It's Nerf or Nothin'!"

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