Flowers On My Pillow

15 February 2012

Take this as a post Valentine's Day entry. I seldom make posts on how we celebrate V-day, for the simple reason that my husband and I don't really make plans for this affair. Of course, we still greet each other, but nothing special is done. But since we got married, I noticed that my other half exerts effort on making Valentine's Day more romantic for me. Yesterday, I celebrated Love Day with my 3 BOYS and I found 3 pink roses laying on my pillow early in the morning. Valentine's Day 2012 started my year adding an extraordinary touch. We all get something on such occasions, so what's new right? For me, it's the approach on how people make events and affairs special. I was very happy and thankful that I closed my eyes while thanking my husband for remembering us, our relationship on Valentine's Day. A simple rose could have made it special too. But I got 3 roses, and it was the element of surprise that made Valentine's romantic. I woke up early nothing was there, and when I went back in, there I found the loveliest surprise ever.

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Chatty said...

so sweet!:) the roses are lovely!