Butterfly Fly Away

23 February 2012

Last week, my son attended a Butterfly Exibit in their school. For the nice price of 100 bucks, the school was able to assemble a butterfly sanctuary. The kids were taught about the whole life cycle of a butterfly.
And as a giveaway, each were given their own Pupa to be nurtured at home. The pupa is very fragile. It shouldn't be touched, dropped, or exposed to extreme temperature and moisture. From the container (which was a plastic cup), we placed it on the top of our book shelf where it hanged freely suspended in air. It should also be 5" away from any surface.
It took about a week before the Pupa hatched. Last night, we were already observing it. My son Franky noticed that it was slowly opening up. And early this morning, a beautiful butterfly graced us with it's presence. After a few hours, we brought it out so it can adjust to a more natural environment. 

Remember: This adult butterfly that emerged from the pupa can lay hundreds of eggs and can multiply hundred times.

It's wonderful being able to do something  for nature, adding more beauty and balance.

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♥peachkins♥ said...

That is so nice, Ench. I wish Ykaie's school would do something like that....