Great Finds: Overdoor Shoe Organizer

06 February 2012

 I am not really a "shoe person", but I make it a point that I have the basics. From formal, to casual, and of course, something for summer and the wet season. When I thought I have less to manage, still, I find myself having some trouble when it comes to storing shoes. With that, even with a shoe cabinet around, I end up placing some pairs in shoe boxes under the bed. It has been a practice of mine ever since. Well, I make sure that the shoes in storage are clean and in order. I vacuum everyday to keep the dust off and I get rid of the old pairs that are not being used anymore. So what's the big deal right? Yesterday, I was out with my mom and sister shopping. My mom asked me where I store our shoes in the house and I answered under the bed. Then she shared learning from an expert, that shoes are not suppose to be kept under the bed. They say, it blocks the flow of Qi (Chi)  which is also known as life energy. Actually, I just found out that it's not really advisable to store anything under the bed, not only shoes.
It just so happen that one of the purchases my sister made was this Store It Overdoor Shoe Organizer.
I thought of buying a shoe rack or a shoe organizer before. But I always had the idea that these things will add as an extra clutter in the house. But when I saw this hanging Overdoor Organizer, yeah it got me for 3 reasons: 1. it's perfect as a space saver 2. it's stylish and 3. your shoes are protected.
Look, I can store 2 pairs in a pouch. Just make sure that the shoes are dry and clean. In our house we have an extra room for storage, it serves as our walk-in closet, only it's a room. Everything's there, from bags to clothing and now our shoes.  That's where this overdoor shoe organizer is hanging. Great on preserving quality leather and definitely will give your favorite pair a longer life. In a way, we get to learn on the proper care of shoes too.

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Chatty said...

nice and efficient! thanks for sharing! :)