Let's Perm It!

25 January 2012

If you're going to look at my life as a housewife, 'sacrifice' is one of the things I greatly portray, which leads to being selfless. Well, that's the reality if one stays at home while the other one works. Usually it's the wife who gives up things that seem less important. But...but... the payback? An ideal relationship within the family resulting to a happy disposition and a simpler, healthier lifestyle. Not that I don't take care of myself, it's just that I've placed family on top of my priority list, especially now that I have 2 kids. Over the weekend, I spent some time contemplating on whether I should get a perm. A little make-over.

I just thought I needed some change. I realize that my family is getting bigger and being the only girl and I just felt that as I age and as my responsibilities expand, I should treat myself even more. Besides, the inspiration came straight from the very same people I take care of everyday---my 3 boys.
To begin, I have been looking at various magazines and actors who's been rocking a permed look and one of them is Kate Bekinsale. I love her wave perm. Very simple and chic. I heard it's easy to maintain too.
It's best to research on different types of perm before hitting the go signal and one should also know if her hair is healthy enough to carry all the chemicals of the whole perming process which is usually done through a strand test. Feeling so inspired, I did a little experiment. Being a 'sigurista' I want to make sure that I'll get the curls that fits me. With the help of my sister Les, we were able to come up with my hair as seen in this post. It's exactly the perm I want and I'm ready!
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Joy said...

You look really pretty Enchie on your new hairstyle.:)

Chatty said...

wow! bagay! :)

Mylene said...

bagay. I hope that you get the same result when you have it done on a parlor :)

Jona said...

Suits you well Ench! I want to have curly locks too that's why I'm growing my hair long...Taylor swift style naman :)
This blog had a makeover too huh! I like your new template :)

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