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16 February 2012

Last Tuesday (Valentine's Day) I had one of the richest conversation with my husband. Our Valentine's Day went around with our answers to this meaningful question. Which inspired me to finally introduce the new title of my personal blog.
The question: Did you ever see yourself in your present state 10 years ago?

10 years ago, I was asked with 2 different questions: Where will you be 10 years from now?
You think you'll ever get married?

I only have one answer for all 3 questions.

Yes, I saw/ see myself married with the man of my dreams with kids and at the same time loving being a stay at home mom.

The people who placed me in this positive disposition are my parents. My mom is a full time housewife. The things I do at home right now, the way I take care of my family, learning the right approach on being the shock absorber of the family, everything that has something to do with nurturing the whole being of an individual... it's all from my mother. My father on the other hand taught me the very core on how to cope and survive in the real world.

With these inspirations, at an early age of 15, I told myself that I want a family exactly like ours and I've been praying that I am going to be able to find a partner who will give that extra color to this dream which served as my only purpose in life.

Since I created this account in 2007, I shifted 3 times from one blog title to another. "To Last A Lifetime", "Sweet Nothings" and now... the "Extraordinary Life of an Xtraordinarymom". These 3 titles stands for my journey as a mother and wife. The milestones I've made and experienced, the moments I discovered along the path of marriage, the wonderful effects of becoming a mom and my growth as a person deep within because of various inspirations I brought with me from my childhood. These 3 titles is made up of my 8 years being a mother to 2 gorgeous boys Franky and Mikee, a friend, a partner, and wife to my loving husband named Adolf.

The Extraordinary Life of this Xtraordinary Woman
My life is composed of the ordinary things we all do everyday. It's just that... my approach goes beyond the usual. The attitude I shed towards situations and events may have made me different from the rest.

I just heard that multitasking is a terrible thing. With my point of view, I may have fallen victim of another generalized statement. Oh brother!
Let me enumerate a little of what makes this example  extraordinary for me as a stay at home mom. I see multitasking as a fun activity. I get bored instantly if I don't get to do anything.  Thank God I see it in a very positive way. Yes for some, it may be a big headcahe, but for me, it is a chance to be more productive. But it's best to know one's limitations.

Luxury of Time- I can do whatever I want anytime of the day. I never had a single problem with time. Maybe if there's a little, it's more on choosing the activities I want to do within a day.

Money Matters- When it comes to the financial aspect, I gave my husband the full authority to handle it. Usually it's the wife who gets to hold the budget or the husband gives the wife his salary. It's far different for me/ us. All I have in my hands is the personal allowance my husband gives me monthly and that's all. Less headache for me :) That way, we avoid having fights about money. Because it's such a shame having arguments when it comes to this matter.

Sense of Satisfaction- For some reason, I always end up being contented even with the simplest things. I never really ask for more than what I have.  

Being a Gamer- I'm not talking about Wii games or Xbox. I am pertaining to online gaming. Accounts with World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Left 4 Dead, Company of Heroes and soon Diablo. My husband (who was my boyfriend then) introduced me to this field. It's flattering to be praised by other players from around the globe, thinking that I am a stay at home mom, and yet, here I am playing online with the rest of the boys. Some players asks me to convince their wives to play online too. Funny! This and having the luxury of time goes well together and that makes this mom extraordinary.

Loving the Old More Than The New- Who likes old stuff? Well, I Love Them! From material things to family traditions, as much as possible, I try to practice having it within the very comforts of my own home. I want my kids to learn and experience what I had when I was a kid. One of the material things we had was a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. We never really had a brand new car. Even now, we shifted using another old car model, a 1994 Honda Civic. Old cars are made to last. To be particular, the car models we have are still being used and even restored for a higher value. As a tradition, praying the rosary is important and... whether there's a lot on the table or none, I make it a point to have a complete table set up everyday.

I Travel But I Don't Go Far- Travel has been part of everybody's journey in life. Aside from trips to nearby provinces, I've never been anywhere else. I have a valid Passport with a valid Visa, but it's just there waiting. Most people whom I've met the first time thinks that I've traveled. With the information I share, one will really can say that I am a traveler. But sad to say I'm not... When it comes to allotting time, I guess this is the one which I don't have the luxury of. Books, travel channels, cooking shows,  magazines, net surfing and even watching movies helps me become knowledgeable of places, their specialties, currency, language, food, do's and don'ts and their famous spots. Aside from that, my very own father is a certified traveler.

The Artist in My Kitchen- Somehow, I've become an expert in my own way. Normally, before we serve a dish, being the one who prepared it, we taste the food  first if we got right. As for me, after adding salt, pepper and other stuff to make it delicious, I don't taste it anymore, I just serve it. The magic--- whoever's going to eat it, for sure, they're going to end up loving it will even ask for the recipe. At the same, I'm able to make my food presentation pleasing to the eyes without exerting too much effort. I must admit, I don't have much kitchen paraphernalia around. But what's the use when the food looks good but the taste sucks right? And another thing, I don't use instant mixes to make my dishes taste good. As much as possible, I go natural.

I'm No Writer At All- I want to be known as an inspiration not an influencial factor in the blogosphere. I don't share my thoughts for the purpose of changing a reader's point of view,  I don't insist that my posts are always right and most of all, I am not here to impress people. I share what's inside my mind as if I am talking to someone. Blogging has been my favorite outlet on pouring both my thoughts and feelings. Blogging is an amazing form of self-expression. Before, we write on small notebooks and we keep it to ourselves. Now,  it's the other way around. As much as possible we want people to read our articles and the most important of all, to know their comments and even wait for suggestions. The lovely thing---it's open to anybody from around the world.

I Don't Fear CHANGE-  It's getting out of one's comfort zone. For sure, things are bound to change once we move away from the things that keeps us comfy. But hey, change is healthy, that's how we learn and make discoveries. Change is growth. But one should take note that CHANGE should always be for the best without stepping on anyone else.

Friendship For Everyone- First of all, how do you gauge friendship? I mean do we even have to gauge it? I'm a "what you see is what you get" person, very easy to get along with. In my lifetime I had 3 group of friends. My childhood, highschool and college friends.  For each group, I was able to gain somebody whom I can call a close friend. These people are the ones who stayed. They're the easiest to reach and they're the ones who never fails to remember. Friendship is a realtionship we develop with other people through things we have in common, the bonds we share and knowing individuals more through events in our lives.  Did I ever experienced having a misunderstanding with anyone? Of course, I think that's nromal. But I'm glad that the misunderstandings I had are just minor issues.

As a friend to everyone...(including bloggers)  I offer friendship to those who respects this blog, who respects me for who I am and those who aren't judgemental. Because once an envious, insecure, call it malicious, or even selfish mind works within the circle of trust between friends, definitely it will ruin the relationship. And I stay away from these kind of people. I don't want to burden myself with another's frustrations in life. 

There's a lot more  I want to share... It's been a pretty good night writing this entry. The baby's awake that's why I need to end here. I do hope that you stay and read some more of what my life has got to offer. I might inspire people, I might change someone's point of view, a reconciliation might just happen, or  my life's stories may just be a plain text for some. One thing is for sure, everything that I shared tonight...
-Is Not About Being Lucky, I'm Just Blessed-


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