Exercise During Pregnancy

16 June 2011

When I got pregnant with my first child I was just 25 years old.  I didn't do much exercises then because my body was younger and smaller compared to how I look today. During that time, I did a lot of brisk walking to stretch and work my lower back, my pelvic bones and to be able to experience an effortless normal delivery. It was a breeze when I gave birth to my first child, and I want to experience that easy delivery with my second baby too.
For the past 7 years, I've gained so much weight and it is affecting my present pregnancy. I get cramps and back pains all the time, discomforts I didn't have with my eldest. I'm only in my first trimester, but it feels like that I'm at my third. This time around, I resulted on getting an everyday routine that will ease up the unpleasantness and play around it instead.

Since I'm at my first trimester, knowing it to be the most sensitive stage, heavy exercises for pregnant women are not yet advised. I do a lot of stretching, I concentrate on my lower extremities. I went online and researched on some exercises applicable for my status.  Stretching alone can increase strength and flexibility.

Exercise during pregnancy, including improved cardiovascular function, improved attitude and mood, easier and less complicated labor, quicker recovery, and improved fitness.-source- 

But before committing yourself to exercising during pregnancy, it's best to consult your doctor first.

I want my pregnancy to be memorable in a way that it will bring so much joy and easiness as a mother and to me and my husband as parents. But life always gives balance to everything, it's not always about having the good stuff or being comfortable all the time. So let this new journey embrace everything, because sacrifices are meant to be there and I will endure anything for my family, especially for my children.

Wireless Security System

11 June 2011

One of the important gifts that was very useful to us was a wireless security system given by one of our Godparents. It was a rare gift because for Filipinos, you will find kitchen appliances or tableware as gift for a wedding. We are thankful for this wireless security systems, because my husband and I find already as an essential here in the Philippines, when most of the time there's threat that someone might break- in into anybody's house. This wireless security system is easy to install.

A compact, user-friendly unit for the DIY homeowner. Enables you to design a customized wireless security and home automation system for your home, apartment or small business in minutes.

Here are some features:

Full Voice Response
Quick Access Emergency Buttons
Multiple Arming Options

With an alarm system present, every homeowner will not only feel safe and secure, but it will also bring a certain calmness. You'll feel relaxed and and anybody will be able to sleep well at night.

Keeping My Faith

07 June 2011

It's been years since I first shared my enduring faith and love for Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix Of All Grace Lipa Batangas. My mom introduced me to this belief that with continuous prayer, love for others and faith, miracles do happen and prayers are going to be answered. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Lipa City was a miracle that happened in my life. When I was younger, my faith was not as solid as it is today. I was young, I was out and about like a typical single lady. When I got married, I saw the reality of life and I didn't wait for hardships to come in the way just to say a prayer. Being a mother is a task filled with great responsibilities. And most of the time, I ask for strength and wisdom so I can nurture and guide my family to goodness.
And so, my mom brought me to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Lipa City to say grace and ask for the guidance I'm looking for. I wasn't expecting for an answer, I wasn't expecting for a miracle. After my first visit, life continued. Deep inside my mind, I told myself that I can venture into this stage with peace of mind. Along my journey into motherhood and having a family life for 7 years, faith brought a certain calmness within me. Is this the answer to my prayers? I believe it is, when there is inner peace, we're inspired to do things that will always be for the betterment of everyone, not only for oneself. Life has never been this good to me and my family.  Believe it or not, I've never been this contented before. I grew up as a woman without money, a social life and I've never traveled, all these things that an ordinary person would want, yet I feel that I am the richest person. I am very grateful, that with my family, I was given the satisfaction no material can ever replace.
My visit to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Lipa City went on every year or at least twice or 3 times a year. My next visits was never about asking for more, I go back to give thanks for the blessings being showered at my whole family, including my parents and my siblings. My recent visit was to give praise and thanks for this gift of life given to me and my family. 

At home, I continue to pray to Our Lady, Mary, of Mediatrix Of All Grace. She is a Mother to me. There are times when I dream of her and the feeling is just unexplainable. Since my first visit, I've surrendered everything to Her and to The Almighty.

Faith... Faith is based on love, hope, patience, trust, compassion and sacrifice. As long as we know to work these virtues in life, miracles will happen and prayers are going to be answered.

Milestones Of Motherhood--- On My 9th Week

06 June 2011

There is something special about my 9th week. Last Friday, I decided to pay my OB a surprise visit. It's just my instincts working, suddenly I wanted to see the little angel inside my womb. But aside from the visit to my Ob, my husband and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary on that same day too. On my 9th week of being pregnant, I was given the first copy of my baby's ultrasound and my mommy book--- Milestones of MOTHERHOOD. The "mommy book" was something  new for me, because 7 years ago when I got pregnant with my first child, it was nonexistent. Local search marketing is one way to be aware on what's new. The mommy book will serve as a diary for the baby's development for the next 9 months. It's good that they've come up with this book. Aside from hearing the doctor's advises, it is important that the parent's have something at hand to monitor as the baby develops. With my last visit, I also opened up to my OB on some frequent tummy cramps and heavy feelings inside my body. Though it has always been normal for women on their first trimester to experience these things, my OB-Gyne didn't hesitate but to take a good look of my reproductive system and it's present state. All I can say was: Thank God! because everything is in good shape. But I was still advised for some bed rest as much as possible. It was my first time to see my ovaries, it was great to know that everything is normal.

As the ultrasound was ongoing, the baby made some movements as if the baby was dancing, we saw those tiny buds move. The little angel surprised us, at 2 months, he was already active. For me and my 2 boys, this was a sign that the baby is happy, that the baby is healthy and the baby can feel the warmth of our love and care. This was the perfect wedding anniversary gift, seeing the baby healthy and kicking.

The Gift Of Life

02 June 2011

This is it! The big announcement. I actually told my friend Rach that I will share this good news with them personally, but in celebration of our wedding anniversary this June, let me share with everyone through this blog about this blessing given to my family. Friends, I am 8 weeks pregnant with our second child.
This explains why I was feeling sick for the past weeks. Well, I was not really sick - unhealthy, but like any other pregnant woman, my body's chemistry is changing. Morning sickness, food cravings, sleepy afternoons and frequent visits to the bathroom. My husband and I patiently waited for this to come. My Obstetrician/Gynecologist even asked us on what family planning method we're using, because of the ideal gap between my children. All we answered was, this child is a blessing, because my husband and I went for the Natural Method, and we believe that when it comes, then it's for us, it was really meant to be.

This new chapter in my life as a mother of 2 is the inspiration behind the change I want to make with Sweet Nothings, simply because there's an additional source of happiness in my life. I feel like a first time mom. It's been 7 years since my first born Franky. Franky being the eldest is very excited. Every time we go out with other people, he points at my tummy and announces that there's a baby inside. At this time, we are teaching him to be more responsible, we are making him aware that when the baby comes out he will be known as Big Brother Franky.

I knew that this year is going to be full of surprises. I knew that living without expectations will bring in more blessings. God is Great!

We are very thankful and happy for this gift of Life. Thank you Lord...

My Stand: The RH Bill

-revised 8612
With this entry, I would like to pour out my concern and thoughts on the recent issues within our government and society.

Instead of going through the details of the RH Bill, I prefer to enlighten the readers of this post on possible solutions on saving our community and keeping our sanity intact.

The RH Bill (Reproductive Health Bill).

Corruption is nothing if were to talk about polictcs because we have laws and court procedures for that. But if we're to tackle more on the moral issues as a citizen and as human beings, this is where a person should voice out his thoughts and weigh things carefully. We Filipinos are the envy of the whole world because of the family ties we share. Even if Life is pretty hard on us, we Filipinos never fail to smile everyday, we Filipinos have the blessing to see the joyous part of Life.
Clearly, if you're a moral person with a happy disposition you wouldn't even dare think of controlling another person's life. It's not only about abortion, it's not only about saving us women, it's not only about the fatality rate of women giving birth. It's all about the amount of control this bill will bring into our lives. There are better ways to make a better living.
Before continuing, it was said that one reason for this RH Bill is to control our population with our natural resources depleting. With our population getting bigger by the minute, we might just lose all the essentials.
My Answer:
"Life becomes complicated when a person seeks for more than what he needs".
Just like what my brother shared: ‎"Just take what we need, and leave the rest for the others." - Swamp People on hunting for food

The Philippines is covered with all the resources we need and I don't need to be an expert just to see that. You go out of Luzon, vegetables and fruits are very abundant, fishery is booming, all we need is to do is to take care of these natural resources, a much valuable recipient more than the RH Bill.
These politicians pushing for thie RH Bill are too greedy and too selfish to give others a chance to LIVE. "naisip ko baka pangtakip lang itong RH bill na ito sa mga bagay na hindi kaya ibigay ng gobyerno sa tao, na dapat binubuhusan nila ng tamang panahon at pera".  "Or in other words: pera-pera lang yan."
In the first place, most politicians pushing for this RH Bill doesn't have their own families to understand what it feels like to have growing family. They're all secured and blinded by their extravagant lifestyle. It's easy to talk details, it's easy to plan, but it will take a lot to experience reality before one should push for such bill.
Our body and soul are one of the sacred treasures we have as humans. Life is a miracle. We are all born unique that's why I described it as a miracle. And MAN who came from life wants to destroy the very essence of it. All these are reflecting on how the RH Bill can destroy the smallest yet the most powerful and influencial unit in society the FAMILY.
There are better ways to build a better society with our great population.
1.  Family/ Proper Parenting: Everything starts within the family. Population problems flourishes from the lower classes of the community. They rely so much on the government and on things they hear and watch on television. The government needs to be consistent on pouring large amount of time and money to guide these people. Proper advertising, interactive seminars, retreats, house to house visits, and these shouldn't stop. My friends, these are even worth the money, time and energy than listening to debates on how to control and limit the number children in every household.

When I was taking up Nursing, I was assigned mostly in the slum areas in Quezon City. There, I was opened to the life of a common Filipino family. Our job as nursing students was to give health care advises which includes nutrition, taking care of the family, family planning and introducing cheap and healthy ways to keep the family nurtured and nourished. Plus, making them aware of the services which the government has set for them.  We also added the benefits that they can get if they embrace these government services. We can do it without the RH Bill. You see, these so-called RH services are already in motion eversince but they're not being advertise because "maybe" the previous administration is PRO-Life. It was made as alternatives,  but not like the present bill that went to a point of controlling and dictating what is right for women.  Like I said everything should start within the 4 walls of our homes. Even with the effort we pour, most families I tried to reach out to with these government services rejected the offer and refused to go to the health center. Reasons: "umuulan kasi" "tinatamad lang". Kahit ilabas pa ang RH Bill, if one person refuses to listen and would rather do it her or his way, this bill is useless. Such a waste of time and money.  These services are handed to the people on a silver platter right at their very doorsteps, but they wouldn't listen or at least give it a try.
2. Create jobs: Set qualifications according to what the people needs. Give what's due to the workers. Stop hoarding money. Most OFWs are skilled workers and they thrive. Sad to say, they become successful if they work outside the Philippines. In other countries, their skills are being recognized and they are paid up to what they can achieve. Here in our country, the only people who are thriving are the business owners. Pay and treat your workers right and you will get hardwork in return. With more job options, a Filipino Family with 5 or 6 children can survive with the basic essentials. I know, because my parent's raised me and my 4 siblings with just the basic essentials. My parent's made sure we're fed everyday, my parent's looked for ways to keep us in school, my dad harvested saluyot from a vacant lot to feed us everyday, even with nothing really delicious to serve my mom made sure that we ate together, we don't have appliances, we don't have a car, my dad used assembled old bicycle parts as trasport. But with hardwork and sacrifice, we were able to move on.

3. The Right Education/ Proper Learning:  Offer courses that can be useful for our everyday lives.  Not Sex Education. Leave the kids alone! Why can't we just focus on the Reproductive System than giving detailed information to these youngsters. The more we inject thoughts about sexuality, the more they become curious on what sex is all about. Let the kids play, let them grow how a child should. They will eventually learn about it, and by that time, their minds are mature enough to listen to what their parents has got to say. Again, everything starts within the familyDo not teach the children directly about sex. I mean, I bet their parent's aren't even talking about it at home, and here you are planning to feed or  maybe you're already feeding this trash inside an innocent child's mind.

4. Change The System: If you want a progressive country, get rid of the unnecessary branches that's eating up funds and has become a headache within the system. "Alisin ang mga pangpagulo". This way, the government can save up more money to aid the people. In one municipality, there are several people seated in position. You don't even know, who's the Mayor from the counselor, to the kagawad etc. There's so much things to change within our governing system, why don't we start here, than mess with somebody else's life.
It's not easy as I enumerate these things, I know.  As a citizen of this country, through this personal blog is the only way that I can voice out my thoughts, hoping to change some minds. But to each his own. I will respect each and everyone's point of view as you respect the thoughts I've poured with regards to this issue.
Our Creator gave us different people to deal with everyday, different situations to maneuver around, trials to face and blessings to cherish and Man was given the Will to find ways to live a better life without killing the nature of Life itself. Let's ask for wisdom before we submit to anything that will harm human nature.

Baler Surf

01 June 2011

Summer of 2011 is now considered as the best summer in my life. Everytime somebody mentions BALER, I always relate it as a remote island. An exotic place. When I found out that Baler is included in the Top 3 surfing capitals of the Philippines, I knew immediately, that our trip is going to be an unforgettable one.

To begin, Baler, Aurora is located at the Northeastern sea board of the Philippines facing the Pacific Ocean. The location alone, explains why the waves of Baler is ideal for surfing. Every year, Baler hosts The Aurora Surfing Cup. It is a three-day competition involving other events like a surfing clinic.
We are very lucky to be present while the Surfing Instructors were around. First look, even without their instructor shirts, you'll know that these guys are professional surfers.
In Baler, surfing waves are present all year round. But we were told that the best months for surfing is from October- February.

The typhoon season coincides with the wet season from mid-June to November, although there are occasional typhoons in December. The area of Aurora is visited by typhoons at least 3 or 4 times a year. The typhoons blow in from the Pacific brought by the South-West Monsoon, through the South China Sea. -source-

We visited Baler April of this year. The waves are still big, well, just enough to give visitors a chance to learn how to surf.

My Surfing Experience 
I never thought that I'll learn how to surf. Surfing for me is beyond my reach. I see surfing in other places like Miami and Hawaii, big guys with big surf boards battling gigantic waves.

The day we went to Sabang Beach Baler, all I thought about was to spend my day relaxing and lounging by the beach. The guys were all set to take surfing lessons. But the mommy in me took over the excitement until my friend Janel encouraged me to join her so that girls can try it too. So we waited for our husbands to return and look after Franky while the ladies hit the waves. It's best to wear a rash guard so that movement is easier. Bikini tops are not advised, please wear something over it.
With my surf instructor Earl

Earl is also my husband's instructor. Earl is very detailed when it comes to giving instructions. And once in open- water he also gave us tipr on how to stay afloat in case a bigger wave comes in and the surfer is not ready, the tricks on handling a surf board and how a surf board can be useful in emergency cases.
First time, first try? It was awesome! 
 The rush was unexplainable.
All I wanted to do was to surf the whole day.
Yet again, I made another extraordinary discovery: that surfing is an awesome water sport here in the Philippines; that anyone can become a surfer; that Baler is just a few hours away if you're looking for fast action.
My husband and I are very proud of each other, because we opened ourselves to something new that only few people have the guts to try--- surfing.