My Stand: The RH Bill

02 June 2011

-revised 8612
With this entry, I would like to pour out my concern and thoughts on the recent issues within our government and society.

Instead of going through the details of the RH Bill, I prefer to enlighten the readers of this post on possible solutions on saving our community and keeping our sanity intact.

The RH Bill (Reproductive Health Bill).

Corruption is nothing if were to talk about polictcs because we have laws and court procedures for that. But if we're to tackle more on the moral issues as a citizen and as human beings, this is where a person should voice out his thoughts and weigh things carefully. We Filipinos are the envy of the whole world because of the family ties we share. Even if Life is pretty hard on us, we Filipinos never fail to smile everyday, we Filipinos have the blessing to see the joyous part of Life.
Clearly, if you're a moral person with a happy disposition you wouldn't even dare think of controlling another person's life. It's not only about abortion, it's not only about saving us women, it's not only about the fatality rate of women giving birth. It's all about the amount of control this bill will bring into our lives. There are better ways to make a better living.
Before continuing, it was said that one reason for this RH Bill is to control our population with our natural resources depleting. With our population getting bigger by the minute, we might just lose all the essentials.
My Answer:
"Life becomes complicated when a person seeks for more than what he needs".
Just like what my brother shared: ‎"Just take what we need, and leave the rest for the others." - Swamp People on hunting for food

The Philippines is covered with all the resources we need and I don't need to be an expert just to see that. You go out of Luzon, vegetables and fruits are very abundant, fishery is booming, all we need is to do is to take care of these natural resources, a much valuable recipient more than the RH Bill.
These politicians pushing for thie RH Bill are too greedy and too selfish to give others a chance to LIVE. "naisip ko baka pangtakip lang itong RH bill na ito sa mga bagay na hindi kaya ibigay ng gobyerno sa tao, na dapat binubuhusan nila ng tamang panahon at pera".  "Or in other words: pera-pera lang yan."
In the first place, most politicians pushing for this RH Bill doesn't have their own families to understand what it feels like to have growing family. They're all secured and blinded by their extravagant lifestyle. It's easy to talk details, it's easy to plan, but it will take a lot to experience reality before one should push for such bill.
Our body and soul are one of the sacred treasures we have as humans. Life is a miracle. We are all born unique that's why I described it as a miracle. And MAN who came from life wants to destroy the very essence of it. All these are reflecting on how the RH Bill can destroy the smallest yet the most powerful and influencial unit in society the FAMILY.
There are better ways to build a better society with our great population.
1.  Family/ Proper Parenting: Everything starts within the family. Population problems flourishes from the lower classes of the community. They rely so much on the government and on things they hear and watch on television. The government needs to be consistent on pouring large amount of time and money to guide these people. Proper advertising, interactive seminars, retreats, house to house visits, and these shouldn't stop. My friends, these are even worth the money, time and energy than listening to debates on how to control and limit the number children in every household.

When I was taking up Nursing, I was assigned mostly in the slum areas in Quezon City. There, I was opened to the life of a common Filipino family. Our job as nursing students was to give health care advises which includes nutrition, taking care of the family, family planning and introducing cheap and healthy ways to keep the family nurtured and nourished. Plus, making them aware of the services which the government has set for them.  We also added the benefits that they can get if they embrace these government services. We can do it without the RH Bill. You see, these so-called RH services are already in motion eversince but they're not being advertise because "maybe" the previous administration is PRO-Life. It was made as alternatives,  but not like the present bill that went to a point of controlling and dictating what is right for women.  Like I said everything should start within the 4 walls of our homes. Even with the effort we pour, most families I tried to reach out to with these government services rejected the offer and refused to go to the health center. Reasons: "umuulan kasi" "tinatamad lang". Kahit ilabas pa ang RH Bill, if one person refuses to listen and would rather do it her or his way, this bill is useless. Such a waste of time and money.  These services are handed to the people on a silver platter right at their very doorsteps, but they wouldn't listen or at least give it a try.
2. Create jobs: Set qualifications according to what the people needs. Give what's due to the workers. Stop hoarding money. Most OFWs are skilled workers and they thrive. Sad to say, they become successful if they work outside the Philippines. In other countries, their skills are being recognized and they are paid up to what they can achieve. Here in our country, the only people who are thriving are the business owners. Pay and treat your workers right and you will get hardwork in return. With more job options, a Filipino Family with 5 or 6 children can survive with the basic essentials. I know, because my parent's raised me and my 4 siblings with just the basic essentials. My parent's made sure we're fed everyday, my parent's looked for ways to keep us in school, my dad harvested saluyot from a vacant lot to feed us everyday, even with nothing really delicious to serve my mom made sure that we ate together, we don't have appliances, we don't have a car, my dad used assembled old bicycle parts as trasport. But with hardwork and sacrifice, we were able to move on.

3. The Right Education/ Proper Learning:  Offer courses that can be useful for our everyday lives.  Not Sex Education. Leave the kids alone! Why can't we just focus on the Reproductive System than giving detailed information to these youngsters. The more we inject thoughts about sexuality, the more they become curious on what sex is all about. Let the kids play, let them grow how a child should. They will eventually learn about it, and by that time, their minds are mature enough to listen to what their parents has got to say. Again, everything starts within the familyDo not teach the children directly about sex. I mean, I bet their parent's aren't even talking about it at home, and here you are planning to feed or  maybe you're already feeding this trash inside an innocent child's mind.

4. Change The System: If you want a progressive country, get rid of the unnecessary branches that's eating up funds and has become a headache within the system. "Alisin ang mga pangpagulo". This way, the government can save up more money to aid the people. In one municipality, there are several people seated in position. You don't even know, who's the Mayor from the counselor, to the kagawad etc. There's so much things to change within our governing system, why don't we start here, than mess with somebody else's life.
It's not easy as I enumerate these things, I know.  As a citizen of this country, through this personal blog is the only way that I can voice out my thoughts, hoping to change some minds. But to each his own. I will respect each and everyone's point of view as you respect the thoughts I've poured with regards to this issue.
Our Creator gave us different people to deal with everyday, different situations to maneuver around, trials to face and blessings to cherish and Man was given the Will to find ways to live a better life without killing the nature of Life itself. Let's ask for wisdom before we submit to anything that will harm human nature.


Joy said...

I am anti-rh bill. The problem is not the population the real problem that needs to be addressed in the Philippines is corruption. This bill is giving the young people specially our students the notion that it's okay to have sex at such a young age as long as you don't get pregnant by using contraceptives.

I hope this bill will not push through but I'm more worried with the divorce bill. I don't care if we're the only country without the divorce bill, we don't need it.

Enchie said...

Hi Joy! It's nice to know your thoughts regarding the RH Bill. Ako din ayaw ko ng Divorce Bill.