Milestones Of Motherhood--- On My 9th Week

06 June 2011

There is something special about my 9th week. Last Friday, I decided to pay my OB a surprise visit. It's just my instincts working, suddenly I wanted to see the little angel inside my womb. But aside from the visit to my Ob, my husband and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary on that same day too. On my 9th week of being pregnant, I was given the first copy of my baby's ultrasound and my mommy book--- Milestones of MOTHERHOOD. The "mommy book" was something  new for me, because 7 years ago when I got pregnant with my first child, it was nonexistent. Local search marketing is one way to be aware on what's new. The mommy book will serve as a diary for the baby's development for the next 9 months. It's good that they've come up with this book. Aside from hearing the doctor's advises, it is important that the parent's have something at hand to monitor as the baby develops. With my last visit, I also opened up to my OB on some frequent tummy cramps and heavy feelings inside my body. Though it has always been normal for women on their first trimester to experience these things, my OB-Gyne didn't hesitate but to take a good look of my reproductive system and it's present state. All I can say was: Thank God! because everything is in good shape. But I was still advised for some bed rest as much as possible. It was my first time to see my ovaries, it was great to know that everything is normal.

As the ultrasound was ongoing, the baby made some movements as if the baby was dancing, we saw those tiny buds move. The little angel surprised us, at 2 months, he was already active. For me and my 2 boys, this was a sign that the baby is happy, that the baby is healthy and the baby can feel the warmth of our love and care. This was the perfect wedding anniversary gift, seeing the baby healthy and kicking.


Mary joy said...

Halu-:)) it's good na may mommy book na sa pinas. DIto sa Taiwan may mommy and baby book. Maganda nga may ganyan para updated ka sa mga info regarding your pregnancy.

nurseabie said...

Congrats enchie!

Jona said...

great news Enchie! nakaka-excite naman! please visit me here too:

Gin E said...

Been a while since my last visit here in your blog and what a wonderful news to read. Congratz Enchie!