Wireless Security System

11 June 2011

One of the important gifts that was very useful to us was a wireless security system given by one of our Godparents. It was a rare gift because for Filipinos, you will find kitchen appliances or tableware as gift for a wedding. We are thankful for this wireless security systems, because my husband and I find already as an essential here in the Philippines, when most of the time there's threat that someone might break- in into anybody's house. This wireless security system is easy to install.

A compact, user-friendly unit for the DIY homeowner. Enables you to design a customized wireless security and home automation system for your home, apartment or small business in minutes.

Here are some features:

Full Voice Response
Quick Access Emergency Buttons
Multiple Arming Options

With an alarm system present, every homeowner will not only feel safe and secure, but it will also bring a certain calmness. You'll feel relaxed and and anybody will be able to sleep well at night.

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