Among The Boys

11 August 2010

These games may not be familiar to most of you. Maybe you've heard about it. But what I'm trying to share here is the unique experience of a girl being the only  female in a guild or group of male players online. On the gaming perspective, how does it feel to be one of the boys?

1. I'm treated like a princess. Well, not literally, but that's how I feel every time I know I'm taken cared of.

2. Great respect. Since I'm the only girl in the guild, even if my shots at some quests or raids are a bit off, the rest of the guys are still very courteous. Instead of nagging at me, they teach me and assist me with whatever I need to learn.

3. Being part of a guild with my husband is a one of a kind gaming experience.

4.I get a lot of freebies!

For every online game like The World of WarCraft one should always buy original. Since I'm just new in the guild, I bought my account straight from the Blizzard Store. From the first installment, to the second. But guys, these games aren't cheap, that's why it took me some time deciding whether I should get the third part or not . Like I said, with the guild I'm in, some of the guys were very nice to buy me the third part. They even surprised me. My husband met up with Mr. Mu so that they can install it under my account without me knowing it.

The next thing I know, I am now playing Wrath of The Lich King and trying my best leveling up to 80.

And our latest, was the new StarCraft II. StarCraft has been the most awaited game within the past years. If I'm not mistaken, the first StarCraft was released back in 1995 or 1996, and it was a big hit. The story on how we acquired this game was very simple. I can say, everything was done "all for the love of gaming". Summer of this year, it was announced that Blizzard will release StarCraft2 sooner than expected. 

A Collectors Edition is up for grabs for those who will make reservations. It's kinda heavy on the pocket for  when we found out that it will cost $165 per CE set. Of course it came with a lot of freebies, but $165 is still big for us. So we decided to wait for the price of regular box set to go down.  Since we're part of a group of gamers, and everybody was just waiting for my husband and me to have it, a very nice person bought it for us instead.
You know what, after expressing my thoughts on this blog, I think I forgot to mention that we have wonderful friends to be thankful for. Some of us were just mere strangers to one another when we started this group. But as the guild began to add members and we started playing together, friendship blossomed. 

So there, let's hear it: Thank God for StarCraft, thank God for the World of WarCraft, thank God for instances, and most of all, thank God for this rare gift of Friendship.

By the way, Thank you Mr. JSP for the Original StarCraft II T-Shirt!

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