I say: "Semi-charmed"

26 August 2010

So Much Has Happened for the past 2 weeks, and here I have an empty blog. I never felt this way before--- getting bored. Or maybe it's just that time when I feel to keep it private. I 've been hanging out with some of our friends lately, and I guess it broke the chain that's keeping me indoors for the past 3 years. Within 2 months, or let's say within weeks so much has changed.
1. I'm happy for my parents because in a few months I will be revealing their biggest accomplishment. That surprise is one of the things that's keeping me busy on weekends too.
2. Like I said, I get to hangout with our friends more often.
It's my first time to share the circle whom I've been hanging out with for the past years. Same friends who completed our wedding, Uncles and Aunties to Franky. Actually, we're more of a family. Love you guys! Hugs!
3. Planning for another vacation.
4. September is almost here. Not only it marks that the holiday season is around the corner, but it is also the birth month of my son and the feast of Our Lady of Mediatrix in Lipa.
5. My husband and I agreed on a common gift for ourselves this Christmas.
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Yeah, as early as August everything is set already.

6. I enjoyed 3 movies this month: The Last Airbender, Inception and Salt.
7. Celebrated 2 birthdays just last Sunday.
Well, it's good to have a normal life. This I can say is the so-called "semi-charmed" kind of life. Realistically speaking, there will always be directions heading downwards and upwards.
Meaning: There will always be times when we get bored out of our wits, feeling dull thinking that we need more color into our lives... and aching for something more... but at the end of the day, even with  the smallest things left unnoticed, something good will still happen. 
*A busy weekend it may seem, but the finish product will be very rewarding.
*Shared a simple dinner, but the company was great!
*A vacation? we're not yet there, but planning makes it fun.
*September comes once a year, it's in the middle, but it's full of occasions, that's why it's one of the much awaited month for us.
*It may not be a brand new car, but being able to have a vehicle of our own and being able to maintain it well are things to be thankful for.
*A movie date means quality time with the family and my one and only.
*Birthdays: A chance to celebrate for the gift of family and love for life.
It may not be the most extravagant, but it will definitely make you feel complete, and that's important.

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