New Bedroom Footsies

19 August 2010

While my husband was out over the weekend, I did a little shopping. Aside from the goodies I got from my Dad, I was able to find the cutest bedroom slippers in the department store. It was about time I replaced my old ones. Well, I also have a pair which I use around the house, and another exclusively for the bedroom. These slippers keeps my feet comfortable, relaxed and healthy. And it feels good to walk around with something soft and fluffy.
At night, I match it with a pair of socks and pajamas. I always make it a point that when I'm already inside our bedroom, everything is set to get some pampering. Meaning: I just finished a warm bath complete in pajama, the air conditioner  is on, my favorite show is up, all I have to do is to lay down on the bed hugging my pillow. Of course same goes with the rest of the family. 

As a matter of fact, my husband also has his own pair bedroom slippers.
It's one of the things that he really loves. Not all of his friends knows about this soft side of him., Ooppps! Boys can wear bedroom slippers too you know. When my husband comes home, it makes his feet cool down from a hot and hard day of work.

Thanks to my son for lending me his play mat for the last picture :)


Mylene said...

These are cute, specially the red one with hearts :D

Race said...

i love it enchie! i love hearts' design can i have a pair of that too sis?

Chris said...

wow, i want a pair too! :D

♥peachkins♥ said...

they look really comfortable..

Tetcha said...

Cute and comfy best describe your new pair of bedroom slippers.

Enchie said...

Hey ladies! Believe it or not, you can get a pair of these at any Sm department store :D