No String Attached

10 August 2010

This is one achievement I am very grateful for. I'm very supportive of what my husband is very passionate about. At his gig last Saturday, the crowd at The Penguin Bar loved his music. And with that, every time my husband was asked on how he manages to play music and work , all he answered was: I have a very supportive wife. 
I learned to open myself to all kinds of music because of my husband. And it was very fulfilling to appreciate the core of each genre. 
Through His music I met new friends and I also learn from this people. His music brought out the best in me. It gave me an open mind, it's very liberating and knowing that my husband is the one giving me the music to my ears, it boosted my confidence. From the moment he started playing again, I made sure that I will be present not only to give support, but to inspire him more.

Last Saturday, when we arrived, as he was setting up his guitar, he noticed that he was missing a guitar string. I don't know how to play guitar but I felt the pressure. I told him that: I know you're a good guitar player, you can make it sound like you're not missing a string. I just know that he can work his magic. And he did, he blew the audience away. He played perfectly, better than having all the strings attached. Nobody noticed, but we told sir Richie Quirino after the gig. 

Dolf: Hey Richie, I was scared to tell you earlier, but the whole time we played, I was missing a string.
Sir Richie: I didn't noticed. As long as you play from the heart, it doesn't matter.

Which is true. My husband enjoyed his play, his improvisation was great, it was one of the highlights of our evening.

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Lucia ♥ said...

Thumbs up for tallented musician ;)